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My tree ?

I have planted some seeds in this pot and I thought I knew where each one was but not I am not sure what It is. I planted cherry seed a Desert Willow a free stone peach. I also have avocado seeds but I know that plant I am not sure about this one. if you could help me with this it would be great.


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Motley County TX about 4 years ago

Please help

What is this? And how do I get rid of it? We live in West Texas out in the country, this stuff has taken over everywhere spread like carpet and basically killed what grass we did have, it sticks to everything much worse than the normal grass burrs, gets in the house and the little barbs hurt like the dickens, poor dog has a terrible time getting around even watched a roadrunner go across a patch of it poor little guy didn't know what had gotten a hold of him.



Motley County TX over 2 years ago

what kind of tree

I have a tree that is growing in my field and I think it is an oak but I am not sure if it is I am not gong to cut it down. I hope that the pictures come with this if it does not please let me know.


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Motley County TX about 4 years ago

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