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Tree Health

Can this tree be saved? I removed the wet rot from it. This is the only place that it is decaying. But some of the lower lambs are dead

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Montgomery County Texas almost 2 years ago

Flowers dont bloom

I have several different flowers in my garden beds that grow pretty stalks/leaves but never bloom. Examples liriope, society garlic, agapanthus, burbine, amaryllis, phlox. The lantana never grow or bloom much more than how I buy them. What to do?


Montgomery County Texas horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 6 years ago


Can’t figure out what kind of spider this is.


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Montgomery County Texas about 1 month ago

Tadpoles Gone

I just recently got some tadpoles from a small well in my backyard. I obtained roughly 20 tadpoles. I placed them all in a 5 gallon tank. I had the lights off, watching a movie (which I understand tadpoles are less active in the dark) and I looked back in the tank with a flashlight and found 1 swimming and 1 laying on the rocks resting, the rest nowhere to be found. Are the rest of them hiding under the rocks perhaps sleeping or did they potentially eat each other? I'm worried, could you help me?
Edit: Found out it was my filter. My filter was great for the tank, but too large of an opening for my tadpoles to get sucked up inside. Great for Bettas, not for small creatures such as fry or tadpoles.


Montgomery County Texas tadpoles about 1 month ago

Liquefy liquid pectn

My liquid pectin has gelled. Is there a way to reliquify the liquid pectin?


Montgomery County Texas 11 months ago

re: Lawn Problem

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am attaching additional pictures as requested. The second one shows the plant growing in a side yard which has no St. Augustine grass- perhaps that will best show you what the plant looks like without having to try to distinguish it from the grass. If you have any difficulty opening the attachments (saved in photo viewer), or if you need additional information, please let me know. Thank you again, ken stegall


Lawn_problem_1_300x300%2523 Lawn_problem_2_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Texas over 1 year ago

What Kind of Snake Is This???

I only have one picture, but this snake was found on my front porch, and I just want to know what kind of snake is it. I've recently had a coral snake found on my front porch which I know is venomous so I want to know if this new snake I saw is venomous as well or not.



Montgomery County Texas heterodon platirhinos juvenile eastern hognose snake eastern hognose snake about 2 years ago

What is the best grass to plant for forage in Montgomery County, Texas?

We are currently clearing brush and small trees on six acres in Montgomery County, Texas, to provide grazing for several miniature longhorn cattle and two donkeys. What are the hardiest and best-performing perennial grass seed varieties to sow in this sandy loam soil?


Montgomery County Texas over 2 years ago

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