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control burn

Who can I contact to do a Safe controlled burn on my pasture. Unable to graze it down and grass is much to thick and high for safety. Especially when hot dry summer returns. Trying to be proactive for environment and fire safe for area.


Montague County TX rangelands about 5 years ago

What type of weed/plant is this

I am wondering what type of weed/ plant this is? It is growing in my front yard everywhere.


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Montague County TX over 3 years ago

Heifer with bloody mucus coming from eye

Is this serious to warrant a vet call or should we watch it a day or so? I've looked through my cattle health books but don't see a mention of red mucus or bloody mucus coming from the eye. She doesn't have pinkeye and we don't know if she got injured from a branch or other item.

Do you have recommendations?



Montague County TX beef cattle over 5 years ago

Silver Lace Vine and goats

Is it safe to plant Silver Lace Vine around goats?


Montague County TX 8 months ago

I have a beautiful Red Oak that has been in my yard for 35 yrs now. Actually...

I have a beautiful Red Oak that has been in my yard for 35 yrs now. Actually have two. The sick one is loosing bark and showing bare limps. another part of the tree definitely has a fungus. It would not be pretty, but I could cut these limps off. So far it is not on the main trunk of the tree.....or the best that I can tell. Help !!! Is there a spray for this or do I forget it and see what happened.


Montague County TX over 3 years ago

Almond/Pistachio Orchard feasibility

I am considering growing either or both almonds or pistachio in Montague county. My property contains both lowland ( Denton Creek ) and uplands. Any advice or guidance would be helpful.


Montague County TX almost 4 years ago

Cattle growth expectation

Our registered cattle have constant access to fresh water, hay and a mixture of grain and cubes daily. Although they look normal, the cattle at the registered sales are taller and meatier. What might other breeders be doing which might constitute this difference?


Montague County TX about 3 years ago

Snakes in house

Have found three snakes that all looked the same in my home would like to know what kind of snake it is here are pictures of head back and stomach and do Ginnys help keep snakes away


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Montague County TX snakes wildlife damage management over 3 years ago

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