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Hummers & Hornets

The Hummers at my friends house are being attacked and stung by hornets (he calls wasps), but they are black/yellow. They are killing the hummers! What can he do?


Mills County Texas almost 4 years ago

Tifton 85 propagation

I just got the pivot up and running. When is it too late to sprig Tifton 85? Would discing the tops be better? I'm just east of Brownwood,.Tx.


Mills County Texas almost 7 years ago

Killing sunflowers in sudan

I have planted my three way sudan for hay production and it is now about 4 to 8 inches high; however, for some reason I have sunflowers coming up all through the crop. Is there any type of herbicide mixture I can spray to kill the sunflowers and not affect the sudan? Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated!!


Mills County Texas about 4 years ago

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