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No -till


I have some land outsidr of Buckholts Texas and will be starting a small farm there come the spring, what I am wondering is if no-till farming is good for that area or if traditional practices will work better. Also what would be a good ground cover plant for the area between plantings, clover maybe?
Thank you
Ryan Deeters


Milam County Texas almost 4 years ago

Lost all the leaves on my new 3 year old olive trees

I planted 10 3 year old Arberquina olive trees on my place in southern Milam county and I went to check them after being gone for a couple of weeks and all the leaves are gone. They still have the fruit and it looks like they are trying to grow new leaves. It seems like my Crype Mrytles had this happen to the,m a few years back. Any ideas of what the culprit is, what would be the recommended treatment and what I should do in the future to protect from this. Thx Doug Chester


Milam County Texas almost 4 years ago

Pest & Garden Bush Beans

HELP PLEASE -My vegetable garden has a PEST chomping on the leaves of my green & yellow (wax) Bush Beans .No blooms yet just secondary leaves some third leaves.
I have not seen anything thinking they prefer a NIGHT TIME snack. My husband believes it's pill bugs?
Please offer me a solution to this problem need to be rid of this pest - I want heathy beans as this is our first garden.


Milam County Texas about 7 years ago

prohibited blackberry variety

I am interested in planting blackberries in central TX. Milam county to be more specific. One variety I was considering is Triple Crown, however some nurseries say they are prohibited to ship that variety to TX. Is there a list of varieties that are prohibited here in TX, and why are they prohibited?


Milam County Texas almost 6 years ago

Ugly, aggressive lawn weed.

I am a Little River Basin Master Gardener in Rockdale. Have a weed that I cannot find/name. Will you help please? It has small yellow flowers and seeds seen in photo. Mow it and it comes back. Long tap root. Pulls out easily in sand until you mow it a few times. Prolific. I have more photos if you want. kbg


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Milam County Texas over 3 years ago

Lily pads

We have a tank we stocked with fish but just got cover up with lily pads, what or how do you control these and spreading down stream


Milam County Texas about 6 years ago

Dying shrubs

there is a white substance killing my shrubs. How can I save them?


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Milam County Texas over 4 years ago

Iron ore bacteria

We have a small farm in Maysfield, Texas about 35 minutes from Aggieland and have a major problem with iron ore bacteria. Is the bacteria harmful to our garden/plant vegitation? Also, we just had a salt water filter installed at our water well. If the iron ore bacteria is bad for the garden what about the filtered water?


Milam County Texas about 6 years ago

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