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Trimming grape vines is South Texas


I have a question on trimming grape vines. I have concord and the Thompson white both seedless. Year before last we had over 30 pounds of grapes from the white vine. A small amount fro the red. This past year we had 3 grapes...yes 3 total. We were told not to trim, I am thinking this was wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated. They were beautiful, just no grapes..

thank you



Medina County Texas over 5 years ago

Unknown rock

Hello! I was snorkeling near Desecheo island in Puerto Rico, and stumbled upon these strange rocks. At first I thought they were Larimar or Ruby in Zoisite, but now I'm not sure. I did mix in some other rocks I found while snorkeling, so I would like those to be identified too. Please leave me an email when you can. Thank you, Diego


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Medina County Texas 11 months ago

Mexican honey wasp nest

We have a Mexican honey wasp nest in a mountain laurel near our front door. It's about 2 feet tall and 1 1/2 feet wide. My husband was trimming the mountain laurel and was stung 4 times. I don't want this nest near the front door. We live in La Coste (Medina County) Texas. What should we do? I don't want to kill them but don't know how to remove it.


Claire Coffey


Medina County Texas about 5 years ago

Lemon grass

How do I care for it and where should I plant sun or shade


Medina County Texas over 4 years ago


I have a very old grapevine that has been neglected for probably 50 years. We want to cut it back, but we don't want to kill it. It's April and the vine has started budding. I'm looking for advice on how to prune this old vine. It's supposedly a black Spanish.


Medina County Texas about 4 years ago

Oak Tree - New Growth from Stump

(in D'Hanis TX)

Last summer we had a very large (~4ft diameter trunk) oak tree break. The tree was growing at a slant, and it appears that all of the new growth due to the heavy rains last year added too much weight and the trunk snapped. We assumed that the tree was completely dead, however, this weekend when I went out to look at the remaining trunk/stump - there are new branches coming out of it. There are coming out about 2 feet below the actual break point on the tree.

Could this mean that the tree is actually still alive and will continue growing?

Is there anything I should do to aid in the growth? (my father's recommendation was to pick the tallest most vertical of the new branches and trim the others off to establish it as a new trunk. Is this recommended?)

Any help/advice you can provide would be much appreciated.


Medina County Texas about 4 years ago

What is this weed that is killing my daughter's bluebonnets?

My daughter's bluebonnets in her yard in Castroville are dying because of this weed that is spreading in circular patches. What is the weed? and what is the best way to get rid of it? They've only lived there for about a year, but don't remember seeing it last year. They didn't have nearly as many bluebonnets last year as this year. Thanks for your help - Nancy Linger


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Medina County Texas about 4 years ago

Bougainvillea pruning

Live in south Texas where my bougainvillea froze. When is the right time to prune it for spring growth, hoping it did not die?


Medina County Texas over 6 years ago

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