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temperature control

we operate a small rural community medical center and store a small amount of vaccines which have to be kept at temperature no more than 5 degrees and no colder than -58 degrees . we currently strore in a refrigerator freezer but when it goes into defrost the temp rises above the 5 degrees my question is would a small chest freezer be able to keep the temp between these set points


Matagorda County TX over 3 years ago

Is this a guava?

This bush is about 2 years old. It was supposed to be a guava. What is it?



Matagorda County TX almost 4 years ago

When should I start tomato seeds?

Please tell me when I should start tomato seeds for spring planting in my 9A (gulf coast).


Matagorda County TX over 6 years ago

Spider identification

This spider was probably seeking water in my sink when I found it. I do not believe it is poisonous. I relocated it outside before the cat found it. Thank you for your help. I found your web site while looking online to id the spider.



Matagorda County TX 3 months ago

winter Texan

Here in Palacios 2 blocks from Matagorda Bay, our drinking water and I assume the soil is extremely high in TDS total dissolved solids, high salinity. I am used to growing most of our food and am interested in what fruit and nut trees you recommend for this site, plus would want crops to ripen when we are here-November-May. Thanks! gale


Matagorda County TX over 5 years ago

Water Hyacinth Control

We are a small community with limited resources, and we have a large problem with Water Hyacinth in a 6-acre lake that is 80% covered. The lake is adjacent to the Tres Palacios River (less than 300’). Per the Federal Food Control Maps and Calculations in a flood event the river would flow over into the lake and then return to the river. If it did it would flush the hyacinth into the river. Currently when the lake is full the lake does overflow through discharge pipes which flow directly into the river. As I understand the situation the plants can be spread through the seeds and in this situation the seeds may be discharging into the river. We need any assistance understanding and tackling this issue.


Matagorda County TX almost 5 years ago

Utilizing Solar & Rain water harvesting

I need unbiased information from sources not trying to sell snake oil! Internet is swarming with scam artist. Regards Joe&Nan


Matagorda County TX about 2 years ago


Is this plant edible or medicinal?



Matagorda County TX over 4 years ago

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