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insect sawdust between double paned glass

At our house in Grand Lake, there is a pile of sawdust between the panes of the double-paned glass. Do you know what this is from? I am thinking carpenter ants or wood beetles. We have not seen any insects and the only evidence is this pile of sawdust. What do we do about it? We are thinking we must replace the glass but then what do we do for the underlying problem?

Nevermind... our glass contractor said it is silicon beads that are from the window seal. Not an insect.


Grand County CO almost 3 years ago

best grass for Fraser CO

hi! I live in Fraser and I'd like to make my small yard look like a golf fairway! what species do well at 8600 ft, buried in snow most of the year, with our short growing season? There is a pine tree mucking things up.



Grand County CO about 1 year ago

2 year old aspen tree

Bent over after last nights rain, snow, and cold. Will it make it? Should I try to straighten my tree once it warms up by securing with a rope tie? Thanks



Grand County CO about 1 year ago

Poison oak/ivy?

We are wondering if the plant in these photos is poison oak (or ivy). Growing near driveway in Grand County, Colorado, elevation about 8800 feet.


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Grand County CO almost 5 years ago

Grand County Seed Mix where to procure?

where can I purchase the Grand County Seed mix?


Grand County CO about 2 years ago

Juniper management

What is the best way to eradicate juniper. They’re really hard to pull out!


Grand County CO 10 months ago

Anthracnose killing my lupin, Verticillium Wilt killing my penstemon

I read that I have to dig up and destroy all affected plants. But that the fungus lives in the soil for a long time afterward. I read that I can use solarization on the affected soil, but can I just apply fungicide to the soil right away and then replant???


Grand County CO almost 2 years ago

Fertilizer for aspen trees

We planted many 1 to 2 inch caliper aspen trees in Grand Lake last spring. These are field gathered trees that came wrapped in burlap. In the new holes we used one-half native soil and one-half planting mix. We did not fertilize last year. Is it okay to fertilize this spring, how often and what should we use? Thanks.


Grand County CO over 4 years ago

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