Marion County, Texas

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Purplish blue flat-head mushroom

These small cluster of purplish blue mushrooms are growing around some rock not far from where a tree was taken out earlier in the spring. The stump was ground up so a lot of mulch in the area. What are these mushrooms called and are they poisonous to humans and or dogs? They are growing Within the dog kennel around some rocks that we brought from Nebraska in our move to Texas.


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Marion County TX 10 months ago

Will my community water supply be okay for watering?

We just moved here from Nebraska where we had excellent water from a well. Our community water supply is very corrosive, saline, and chlorinated. Excited about multiple growing seasons but concerned about effects of this nasty water. Some say we should put down a shallow well. Is this the only answer?


Marion County TX over 4 years ago

Huge Ant Mounds

Why are the ant mounds so much larger in the Marion county area than they have been in the past? Mounds like the one attached can be seen along the roadside between Jefferson and Avinger on highway 49.


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Marion County TX over 3 years ago

What is this plant?

Pleasr help me identify this plant.


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Marion County TX about 4 years ago

Are these raspberries?

The leaf kinda looks like a marijuana leaf and the berries look like raspberries what are they?



Marion County OR almost 4 years ago

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