McMullen County, Texas

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Is there an official "Aggie" rose?

If there is not an official "Aggie" rose I would like to recommend the Blood Red Osiria rose. It was developed in Germany and has limited availability in the US. I have read this rose would do well in all growing regions in the state. I respectfully request your consideration for Texas A&M Horticulture Department becoming the main US distributor for this exceptional rose. I know there is a large number of Alumni that would like to get their hands on this plant. Thanks-you for your time and considerations. Emmett Shelton '85



McMullen County Texas about 6 years ago

Grass for dry, arid brush land.

About fifteen years ago I bought a small amount of grass seed in George West, Texas. The seed was developed by Texas A&M especially for the dry land in south west Texas and other arid lands.
I think it was named "Sahara Bermuda".

Where can I buy more of this same grass seed?

We have a new tank on our property, in McMullen County, 14 miles south of Tilden; and need to plant the tank dump and the surrounding dirt with grass seed which will grow where it gets very little rain. That land gets only about 14 to 16 inches in a year. Very dry brush land.


McMullen County Texas over 5 years ago


Can coachwhip snakes be crossbred with another type of snake?


McMullen County Texas 11 months ago

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