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Do female ducks form heirarchies?

I've noticed ducks in my area staying in groups of one female and several males (usually three). Sometimes they travel like that, but sometimes they just sit on the river bank in those little groups. Is this a form of social heirarchy? Are they potential mates?


McLennan County Texas almost 3 years ago

Help!! I can't stop the death of my yard!

My lawn is covered with St. Augustine that I try to take good care of. However, I've had a brownish/gray spot that has slowly spread in size over the last month. We have had good rainfall here in Waco during that time frame (so much so, we've had wild mushrooms sprouting in other areas of the lawn) and I water my lawn using a sprinkler system for 5 minutes every 2 days over this affected area (I've set the irrigation controller to run at 9 pm to avoid burning the lawn during the heat of the day). My front yard faces to the east, so it gets good sunlight for most of the day. I've been told by some this is a fungal infection while others tell me it's root rot. I'm trying to find the correct course of action to treat my lawn so I can return it to health before fall/ winter arrives and it dies on me for good.
Please, please take a few moments to help me on this issue, this is an area that my expertise is lacking and my wife is looking to me for answers.

Joseph Scott


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McLennan County Texas almost 4 years ago

Flea Control

Can you tell me what will control the fleas in this area? We've tried everything with no success.


McLennan County Texas about 4 years ago

Emerald Green Thuja Turning Brown

What could be the cause of newly planted (April, 2015) emerald green thujas turning brown in Waco, Texas? Of 8 plants, 3 look dead (completely brown), 2 have some brown leaves mostly at the tops, and 3 look fine. Do not see any evidence of insect damage, and mulch does not touch the plants. All plants have been watered regularly because it is very dry and hot. Plants are in full sun.


McLennan County Texas almost 5 years ago

Mexican Plum Leaf Curl

I have a mexican plum tree which I planted last year. It was a rather sad specimen, but I planted it anyway. This spring it put out plenty of leaves and grew vigorously, but all of its leaves are curled. I don't see any signs of the usual fungal culprit (peach leaf curl) nor any sort of insect infestation. Every leaf on the tree is pretty much equally curled. Maybe someone can give me an idea what other things I should think about and what I might do about it, if anything needs to be done.


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McLennan County Texas about 5 years ago

Growing Heritage Grains in Texas

I live in the Blackland Prairie region of Texas and am interested in growing some heritage wheat, including "Turkey Red," "Red Fife," and spelt, as well as rye and oats, all for human consumption (and in particular, bread making), and all without the use of chemicals. I'd like to find more information on growing these grains in Texas, and I'm wondering if you have any. Here are some of my questions:

- What are the required growing conditions for these grains?
- Do you know of any farmers currently growing these grains in Texas, and could I get their contact information?
- Can you direct me to any publications on trials with these grains that have taken place in Texas or in a similar growing region?
- What kinds of problems might one encounter in growing these grains, for example, pests or diseases?

Thank you for your time and help!


McLennan County Texas about 6 years ago

Control of Sesbania herbacea - herbicide?

Hi, I've got a ~6 acre pasture (goats/horses) that is covered with this woody weed. I'd like to shred it down, and spray a pre-emergent if possible. Any suggestions on herbicide mix? Thx Rich


McLennan County Texas over 3 years ago

Winter onions & garlic

I live in central Texas and have just planted winter onions and garlic for the first time. Do I need to put a mulch over the sprouts for the few times it freezes? If so can I just use tree leave to cover them.? Thank you


McLennan County Texas 8 months ago

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