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Early Herbicide Application

Our 21 acre tank lost over a quarter of water due to the spillway eroding from excessive rain. We have excessive aquatic vegetation and I had planned to spray in the spring. Is NOW a good time to attack the aquatic vegetation that is exposed along the shoreline?


Limestone County Texas about 5 years ago

Selection of grass

We have acreage that we plan to build on. What type of Bermuda grass or other grass would be desirable for the pasture in front of the house. Very little shade with sandy clay. No water system for the grass and cattle will be ranging on it periodically.Thank you-any suggestions would be helpful.


Limestone County Texas almost 7 years ago

Found wild pink bluebonnet Limestone County

In reading that wild pink bluebonnet scare very rare, I wanted to notify extension office that I found one growing wild at our Limestone County farm yesterday. I photographed it. Abbott and Parsons seemed to study them and deem them rare. Be glad to send you a photograph if interested. Am I making a big deal over nothing actually rare?Susan Brown Douthit


Limestone County Texas almost 5 years ago

Grants to purchase 10 acres for farming

Hello WIA experts,

My husband and I sold our home in the 4th largest city and bought 8 acres with a home. We purchased 4 horses and a rescue. We would like to purchase 10 acres in front of us for farming, and a few cows. Are there any grants that can help with start-up? I am new to this but VERY passionate about producing our own food, and how I may share that with our small community. Please share any wisdom that you feel may help? Thanks
"New Texas Country Girl"


Limestone County Texas over 3 years ago

Rose bud problem

One of my rose buses bloomed like crazy right after all the rain we had. It looked like it was going through another blooming cycle with tons of buds, but they are turning brown before they open. I have two other rose bushes next to it that are doing fine.


Limestone County Texas almost 7 years ago

Name of Plant (weed?)

My husband thinks this is a weed but I want to replant it as a plant. I have a black thumb and so I am just excited to see something green still living around me. Can anyone tell me if it is a weed or plant?



Limestone County Texas almost 5 years ago

grasshopper "control"

I was at an AgriLife seminar 7/8/14 and was told that you could control grasshoppers with a soap and water mixture. Would like to know how much soap with how much water? Also how long after the treatment should you see results? Thank you!


Limestone County Texas over 6 years ago

Post Emergence Sand Bur

Can Roundup WeatherMax or PowerMax be used on Texas coastal grasses in July without harm? I'm infested with sand bur. Should I spray before cutting or after?


Limestone County Texas over 4 years ago

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