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Rate of Gain

I have a 400-pound steer that needs to be between 400 and 800 pounds in May and weigh around 1100 pounds next October. So, I need it to gain about two pounds a day. How should I increase his feed intake to reach the desired weight?


Liberty County TX beef cattle beef cattle nutrition over 5 years ago

Keeping Honey Bees In Liberty County

I would like to start a trial for small commercial bee keeping in northwest Liberty County in Tarkington.
Is there any farming activity of this type in the area?


Liberty County TX bees over 5 years ago

Can you help ID this spider

Can you please help me identify this spider that came up while I was sitting on my back porch? Liberty, Texas


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Liberty County TX 11 months ago

Can you identify?

These plants came up where we had killed off the grass for a turnaround. Does anyone know what this is? Heart shaped leaves. The deer have not touched them. I am in Eugene in the country. Your website will not let me change location. It says Texas. Thank you Teresa



Liberty County TX plant identification 9 months ago

Safe practice for canning

What is the recommended safe practice for canning apple pie filling?


Liberty County TX canning over 3 years ago

walnut caterpillars in Cleveland, Texas

  • government housing projects there are about six pecan trees several types of oaks and sicamore .there are millions of walnut caterpillars in a small area eating not only the pecan trees but all the trees the housing authority says its not their problem. who can help the trees and us.
  • Thank you ,Darrell Beard.
  • 832-917-9810


Liberty County TX trees and shrubs insect issues pecan horticulture horticulture over 4 years ago

Can u change the color

I have a bed of all white amaryllis except for one red one. Can that one red change the color of the white ones to pink or red.


Liberty County TX about 3 years ago

Webworm infestation

We have a horrible infestation of webworms but they're not in the trees; they're covering our mailbox, garage & have moved over to the house. This is the second day. We can barely go in & out of the house. They are everywhere! How do we get rid of them? How long will this last? How much damage will they do to the structures & our outside plants on the patio, etc.? Thank you for your help.


Liberty County TX integrated pest management about 4 years ago

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