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Rate of Gain

I have a 400-pound steer that needs to be between 400 and 800 pounds in May and weigh around 1100 pounds next October. So, I need it to gain about two pounds a day. How should I increase his feed intake to reach the desired weight?


Liberty County Texas beef cattle beef cattle nutrition over 5 years ago

Keeping Honey Bees In Liberty County

I would like to start a trial for small commercial bee keeping in northwest Liberty County in Tarkington.
Is there any farming activity of this type in the area?


Liberty County Texas bees almost 6 years ago

How do I fix my bean plant if its turning white

My bean plant is turning whit what can I do to fix it


Liberty County Texas plant health about 1 month ago

Can you help ID this spider

Can you please help me identify this spider that came up while I was sitting on my back porch? Liberty, Texas


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Liberty County Texas about 1 year ago

Can you identify?

These plants came up where we had killed off the grass for a turnaround. Does anyone know what this is? Heart shaped leaves. The deer have not touched them. I am in Eugene in the country. Your website will not let me change location. It says Texas. Thank you Teresa



Liberty County Texas plant identification 11 months ago

Safe practice for canning

What is the recommended safe practice for canning apple pie filling?


Liberty County Texas canning over 3 years ago

walnut caterpillars in Cleveland, Texas

  • government housing projects there are about six pecan trees several types of oaks and sicamore .there are millions of walnut caterpillars in a small area eating not only the pecan trees but all the trees the housing authority says its not their problem. who can help the trees and us.
  • Thank you ,Darrell Beard.
  • 832-917-9810


Liberty County Texas trees and shrubs insect issues pecan horticulture horticulture almost 5 years ago

Can u change the color

I have a bed of all white amaryllis except for one red one. Can that one red change the color of the white ones to pink or red.


Liberty County Texas over 3 years ago

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