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Poultry Regulations

Where can I find regulations for poultry processing and producing for Shiner, Texas? Specifically, I am looking for small scale (less than 100 turkeys and chickens).


Lavaca County Texas over 6 years ago

Pecan Tree Leaves

The leaves on my pecan tree have hard bumps all over them. What could be causing this and should I be alarmed?


Lavaca County Texas almost 5 years ago

Improving garden soil by worm composting

Our garden soil is sandy loam and does not hold moister well. We are thinking of shredding the winter garden and disc then adding compost worms and letting the garden rest for a season. Would this improve our soil? Also to keep grass seeds from sprouting we plan to cover with cardboard. Do you know how many worms we would need per square yard?


Lavaca County Texas about 5 years ago

Tangerine Tree losing blooms and leaves

We have a tangerine tree that has been producing an abundance of fruit for the past several years. This year it began blooming as normal then a week later it began losing its leaves and blooms like it is dying. We packed fresh dirt and mulch around it not knowing what to do to try and save it. What could cause this?


Lavaca County Texas about 5 years ago

Building wire cages for newly planted oak trees

I am going to plant 46 live oak trees, they are 30 gallon size. I want to put wire cages around them to protect them from cattle and deer. I need to know what size wire, height of wire, diameter size of cage, etc. If you have any information it would be appreciated.


Lavaca County Texas over 5 years ago

Moss in a Stock Pond

I had a tank built on my property in 2015. It has since filled and holding water nicely so I stocked it with hybrid blue cat and bass. I also ran a water line from a solar pump to feed water into the tank in the event of a drought. My question is, the tank has a lot of moss in it that it is Very hard to fish without getting hung up in it. Is there something I can buy to kill the moss but not harm the fish? Please advised, the pond is about a half acre pond and at the deepest end is about 10 to 12 foot.
Thank you!


Lavaca County Texas almost 4 years ago


I started an avocado from a seed. Now I want to transplant from a container to outside in the yard. How deep should I plant it in reference to the seed? Also what do you suggest in soil condition and fertilizer?


Lavaca County Texas about 5 years ago

Cotton Burr Compost

I am planning on starting a container garden. It has been recommended that I use Cotton Burr Compost. I have found information that says there could be left over pesticides, etc. in it. Is that something I should consider?


Lavaca County Texas about 5 years ago

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