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Bed bugs !

Help! We dont have money for a bed bug treament of any sort. Been battling with bed bugs for a while and need help getting rid of them! Please!!! Please!!! Please!!! We have 2 children in house !!!


Lamar County TX over 1 year ago

Help identify?

Was growing as a tree (thick 5-7" diameter trunk, nearly 30' tall) but it died so we cut it down, now these leaflets are growing again. I'd really like to know what it is. It's quite fragrant, almost of basil/Oregano's in a way. Most are 9 leaves, some only 7. They start as smaller versions, only the size of a golf ball, then continue to grow to this size leaf and bigger.


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Lamar County TX almost 4 years ago

what kind of plant is this?

What is it?



Lamar County TX over 3 years ago

What is this plant?

I found this plant in my yard. It has what looks to be a root vegetable like a potato/onion but has dark red leafs like a grass.


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Lamar County TX over 4 years ago

Sprouting peach seeds

How does one sprout peach seeds?


Lamar County TX almost 6 years ago

Kiling lawn crawdads

How does one safely kill crawdads in the lawn that build up the chimneys 8 inches tall?


Lamar County TX almost 6 years ago

How can I loosen my heavy clay soil?

What cover crop can I plant in the fall and till under in the spring that will help loosen my heavy clay soil? Also to add nutrients, is there anything better than rye grass? I put what compost I have in it.


Lamar County TX over 5 years ago

Will Texas Heat Kill Bed Bugs in an un-air conditioned shed?

We recently brought a Bed Bug home, but we caught it immediately and removed several items to a storage shed, however the items were not immediately placed in sealed plastic bags. If one got out could it live and reproduce without a host to feed on? or would the high temperatures inside the shed kill the bug(s) & eggs? how long should the contents of the shed be left alone or will I have to destroy all the contents of the shed (12' x 20' wooden building) because I just created a breeding area? Someone told me they eat dead skin too.


Lamar County TX almost 4 years ago

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