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Insect Identification

Hello - took these pics today of two insects that were on a climbing vine at the end of our deck. The images can be found at this DropBox link:
they were about the size of a small-medium grasshopper and my initial reaction was that of an immature grasshopper. However they didn't seem to match real well with the reference pics I found online.
#3277 - top down from the rear. #3279 - winglets? Leglets? (for lack of better terms...) #3280 - close up view. #3281 - best view of head even if it is in the shadow. #3282 - specimen no. 2, my hand, for scale. #3282-2 - specimen no 2, closeup.
If you have problems with the link let me know and I'll send you a new one.
Jim Evans - Silt, CO


Garfield County Colorado over 6 years ago


Do you have pictures of the weeds you talk about in lawn care.


Garfield County Colorado over 1 year ago

Tree topping

I have a Bing cherry tree that has gotten very tall. Can I radically top this tree without danger of killing it?



Garfield County Colorado over 1 year ago

Crab apple bark

Our new puppy has chewed off a big strip of bark. Should we cover it with tree tape?


Garfield County Colorado almost 3 years ago

Horticulture Degree

Is there a school in Colorado in which one might obtain an associates or bachelors degree in horticulture?


Garfield County Colorado almost 8 years ago

Bristlecone Worries

December 2017, we had our landscaper plant a 6' B&B healthy bristlecone on the west side of our house. Jan.-Apr 2018 was low snow pack. Warned not to over water it, we checked all around tree with moisture meter as town arborist advised. We watered about every 2 weeks with a tree bag around the base that dripped about 18 gal. over 6 hours. Healthy new growth started from tips in July-Aug. but browning of needles also started. Called company bought tree from, owner said we needed to increase watering to 1-2 times/week, which we did mid Aug to late Oct. Needles have continued to brown, interestingly more on south facing side than on north facing. Snow pack early Dec to present is 1-4" constantly. Is this tree dying, extremely stress, or what?photo1 is tips, 2 is west side,3 is south side.


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Garfield County Colorado about 2 years ago

Pregnant mares and fescue grass

Hello ,

I am inquiring about fescue grass and whether or not to feed my pregnant mare the hay from our field . It is an alfalfa / grass mix with a variety of different grasses and most certainly some if not quite a bit of fescue . I have raised foals in the past ( 8-10 years ago ) and feed them hay from our field with no problems . At that time I thought that you just were not supposed to feed fescue like from your lawn to pregnant mares . I am not sure what to do after reading things on the internet . I saw it was just a concern during the last 3 months of pregnancy and that not all fescue has the toxin that causes a problem . Can I have my hay tested or do you know if the pasture fescue in this area is even a problem ?

Thank you ,

Tina Collins


Garfield County Colorado over 5 years ago

Unknown insect

We discovered this little guy in our wood pile after bringing it into the house. The darker photo is without flash and the lighter photo is with flash. We picked him up with a Popsicle stick.We did not kill the bug, We put him back outside. I am in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I have never seen an insect such as this before. I tried looking on line but only found 1 picture and they were calling it "Unknown" Hoping you can help me to identify this bug, and really hoping it is not some bug that will infest our home.


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Garfield County Colorado over 2 years ago

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