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Please suggest a fungus treatment for roses and tomatoes. Thank you.


Kimble County TX over 6 years ago

Live Oak trunk rot

The lower trunk of a Live Oak on my property appears to be rotting away. Does anyone know how to help this tree?


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Kimble County TX about 4 years ago

Hives per acre, Hill Country, Texas


I am looking for information on the correct number of bee hives per acre for our area. I understand the general rule is 6 hives per application for exemption (5-20 acres). I feel that may be too many for our area based on average rainfall (24.58 inches annual, US Climate Data) and therefore available bee forage. I believe that standard was based on the Houston area, which receives closer to 50 inches of rain per year. I realize my reasoning my be fallible but that would suggest a standard closer to 3 hives per operation. If you do not have any information on our area could you possibly direct me to a good source of information for healthy hives? I am looking for scientific studies and articles to support my endevours. The information that we have found online has been greatly varied.

Thank you for your time,

Jennifer Johnson


Kimble County TX over 4 years ago

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