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outdoor gnat control

How do I control gnats outdoors? Well flies also for that matter


Kerr County TX about 6 years ago

Does the state of Ohio charge any type of "transfer fee or Tax"...

Does the state of Ohio charge any type of "transfer fee or Tax" when someone conveys or purchases oil & gas and/or mineral rights?


Kerr County TX over 4 years ago


It is invading my expensive new landscaping - mulch flower beds as well as throughout my entire front lawn. I am nervous of weed killers because my husband has Parkinson's linked to Agent Orange (roundup) from his service in Vietnam. Is there something safe we can use on this in invasion? We also care very much about effects on local animals and pets. It is waaay beyond the point of pulling up each individual nut. Thanks for your help.


Kerr County TX about 4 years ago

insects completely taking over home desperate, please help

my husband broke out doctor said it was scabies he used permethrin did not help I broke out first with an itching in my scalp doctor said nothing was wrong our house has been slowly taken over can not sleep in the beds for the itching and crawling feeling from everything I have read I thought it was bird mites because I had two abandoned nests outside front and back door. please give me some insight as to what you think it could be also you can not see anything


Kerr County TX almost 4 years ago

Sticker burs have taken over my yard.

How can I get rid of what I call a sticker bur,they started growing since the drought three years ago.I started digging them up when we saw them but they are out of control,my yard is two acres.


Kerr County TX almost 7 years ago

Bradford Pear

I have a bradford pear that is about six years old.
Starting last year the leaves are turning brown. I have been to a couple nurserys here in Keerville, They dont seem to help.
I wonder if you can give me some advise
If need be I can send a leaf & some soil sample.
Thank you, George Woods


Kerr County TX about 6 years ago


How do eradicate Mirabilis jalapa (four o'clocks) from my garden? Will Roundup work?


Kerr County TX almost 6 years ago

Chinquapin Pruning

When and how much pruning can one safely do with Chinquapin Oaks? What are the risks of disease? How can they be minimized?


Kerr County TX over 3 years ago

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