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Gardening Regions

I live in Boerne and a friend of mine lives in Waring. Can you tell us which region we are in? It is hard to tell by the map. Thanks!


Kendall County TX almost 6 years ago

Walnuts as a food source?

I'm a veterinarian in Boerne, TX and a client has come across a large volume of food grade walnuts. They were wondering if the walnuts can be fed to ruminents- cattle and exotic hoof stock. Any contraindications?

Alison Gonsalves, DVM
Kendall County Equine


Kendall County TX about 7 years ago

dying Texas sophoras (Eve's necklace)

Texas sophoras, Eve's necklaces, abound on the 5 acres I inhabit in Bergheim, on the southern edge of the hill country. The mother tree was gigantic, as tall as any oak or cedar elm on the plot. I've enjoyed these trees for years, some shade my back patio, and yet suddenly they are dying. Even with the huge rains this year, the leaves are dropping as if it were autumn. What can I do? Are ants inhabiting their core? Is there some pest they are susceptible to? I can't find any ants or insects on them. Would greatly appreciate your advice.


Kendall County TX almost 5 years ago

Sanseveria family?

What is this?



Kendall County TX over 4 years ago

Tree leaf ID

These are a couple of pictures from a tree that I need to identify.


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Kendall County TX over 4 years ago

Climbing vine with black berries

This vine looks like poison ak but isn't. It climbs on eveything.


Kendall County TX almost 3 years ago

Might this be anthracnose on my White Oak/Monterrey Oak, or something else?

Greetings. I found your website when researching what may be the problem with my Monterrey Oak, or Mexican White Oak. I've attached a picture of a typical leaf. This is one of the worst leaves, and the problem is not completely throughout the tree. However, it does appear more widespread on the lower part of the tree. The tree appears thinner this year than normal. It's been planted since Feb. 2013. Another Monterrey nearby does not show any signs of this problem. It is extremely full & healthy - more so than ever. Here in central Texas we have had lots of rain this spring, and the weather did not really break the 80 degree mark until late May, which is highly unusual. I wonder if this is anthracnose. We have some oak wilt in the area, but I do not have any reason to believe that this is the problem. Plus, oak wilt in our area effects the veins before the body of the leaf. Many thanks in advance for your expert advice. --Jonna Clark, Boerne, TX



Kendall County TX about 4 years ago

white inside blueberry

Can white inside of berry hurt you? I am worried as I wonder if they have mummy fungus and thinking it would be bad even though we paid more for it being organic. my husband say can't hurt but I think it could and I am delicate of health problems.


Kendall County TX about 2 years ago

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