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I am trying to find information on PECOS BLUEGASS. Can you tell me how well It will produce in Dewitt county, Texas. Ph factors, how deep the grass roots are, how much ferterlizer is required


Karnes County Texas pastures and forages over 5 years ago

Sandburs in hay fields/yard

Need info on control and irradication of sandburs in pasture land and yard.. Al areas are burmuda grass types ( Jiggs, Tifton 85 and giant burmuda grass).. Really bad this year on new cleared areas..

Tommy Pullin


Karnes County Texas almost 3 years ago

Salinity Management for Watermelon Cultivation

I have been growing watermelons in NE Karnes County, Texas (near Gillett). The soil is a red, sandy loam typical of Yegua formation. The irrigation water is high in Sodium and Bicarbonate. The estimated SAR is about 50 and Salinity Hazard is 1,100 mg/L. I am getting soil damage resulting in black soils. Irrigation is by LEPA. I have read that management of the hazards is by application gypsum and leaching. Can you suggest any more specifics on management of these hazards?


Karnes County Texas about 5 years ago

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