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What seeding density should I use for TAM112, will be broadcast not drilled.


Jones County Texas field crops about 4 years ago

Disk Harrow blade angle

I have a Hay King disk harrow and there is the option of changing the angle the blades attack the soil from almost a straight line entry to quite an offset entry. The plough was delivered with the blades at the most offset setting and I am finding that with the dry conditions it barely breaks the surface of the soil. What are the pro's and cons of the different angle options ?


Jones County Texas field crops farm machinery almost 4 years ago

Crookneck Squash Question

I plant yellow crookneck squash every year. I have tried two or three different varieties. My squash always get warty and have a tough skin even when small. What do I do to get a more tender smoother skin on the squash? Is it a water frequency or amount issue?


Jones County Texas almost 4 years ago

Baking Mix

Is there a program on preparing and using a baking mix? I know they had one years ago before I came into Extension, but I have requests for a program now.


Jones County Texas human nutrition over 5 years ago

Breeding Cattle

I have a few heifers I need to get in the family way, am reluctant to get a bull as I have very limited experience handling cattle. The other two alternatives would seem to be buying semen or embryo's which is least hit and miss, least complicated, most economical etc and how do these methods work. (i.e.. to I need to confine the cows and take there temperatures daily until they are receptive or............)


Jones County Texas beef cattle almost 4 years ago

Herbicide use

I have 15 acres of established Bermuda pasture, but it has gotten a little overgrown with weeds. What is the best herbicide to use to get rid of the weeds but not kill the Bermuda, and when is it best applied.


Jones County Texas over 3 years ago

Grass type for horse pasture

Whats a good type, or mixture of grasses to plant for horse grazing in Jones County Texas ?. I plan on planting this week.


Jones County Texas pastures and forages pastures and grazing over 3 years ago

how can i trap grasshoppers?

I have tons of grasshoppers and would like to feed them to my chickens. I can't let my chickens freerange due to predators. Is there any way to catch enough insects to do this?


Jones County Texas poultry over 5 years ago

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