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Monosodium Methyl Arsenate and a Garden

My lawn has been treated the last several years with MSMA to control grassburrs. We have planted a garden within the treated area last year and plan on replanting in the same spot this year. I now realize that their is a proposed issue with arsenic leeching into nearby water ways and was wondering if it was safe to continue planting the garden there or is there a chance of the vegetables taking up residual arsenic from the soil making them unsafe for consumption.
It has been a year since the last application of MSMA.


Johnson County TX fertilizer gardening horticulture about 5 years ago

Source of Tycoon Tomato Seeds

Johnson County Master Gardeners wish to grow Tycoon Tomato plants for our spring sale, but have not found a source of seeds. Could you help?


Joan Leach


Johnson County TX fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

Picture of Vine Growing in Johnson County TX

I want to know what kind of vine this is. I bought a house in Grandview, TX. The house had a hedge all along the front that I pulled it out. This vine was growing next to the hedge and it has very deep roots. Can you tell me what is it and if it is invasive?


Img_1150_300x300%2523 Img_1151_300x300%2523

Johnson County TX almost 3 years ago


My oleanders look dead. Leaves are brown , but stems feel life like and flexable. What can be done to save them, if anything? Plants are about 7 years old. Up until now have been very attractive.


Johnson County TX about 5 years ago

sandbur control

can you please tell me a herbicide that will control sandburs in my yard. I just need spot application, I am not treating a pasture. I have always used MSMA but have been told that it is no longer sold.


Johnson County TX lawns and turf horticulture about 4 years ago


I live in 76033 and love St Augustine but there are so many varieties. If I am planting from seed (plan on tilling my front yard) can you make a recommendation and tell me what to expect in terms of how long I will be looking at dirt.


Johnson County TX lawns and turf landscape design horticulture over 5 years ago

Banana tree stumps

Cut my banana trees back about 4" above ground and covered stumps with mulch last fall. I have now removed the mulch. Do I leave stumps exposed or should they be covered with dirt? Thank you


Johnson County TX about 3 years ago

Pole beans

My Pole beans are doing this (see attachments) They have blooms and beans but new growth doesn't look good. I have sprayed for insects and have never seen any on the leaves. 2nd pic I put my hand behind it so you can see the holes. Not many, mainly shribbled up leaves. Thank you!


Imag1093_300x300%2523 Imag1094_300x300%2523 Imag1096_300x300%2523

Johnson County TX fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture almost 5 years ago

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