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Pecan trees producing very little to no pecans trees are 17yrs old

I forgot to add that I am willing to travel to other pecan orchards to see what they due or maybe they can give me some advice. I due have Robert R Saldana of TA out of Kingsville and they come out and check on my Citrus Trees which are doing great. He has been coming out for appx 5 or so years now and they set up insect traps other things for research.
My name is George and can be reached at 361-537-8053. Any help would be great I was hoping for a good year but again hardly any pecans on the trees, I have been spraying zinc but maybe I'm not putting enough I just don't know, I been using about 2 table spoons per 3 gallons of water, I have been only been able to find prills not the powered type but the prills seem to desolve pretty good Thanks George


Jim Wells County Texas about 4 years ago

Is it a baby snake?

Is this a baby snake?? If u zoom in to pic u can see face


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Jim Wells County Texas over 4 years ago


A spider bite me can you tell me what kid it is ?



Jim Wells County Texas over 3 years ago

Dark green English Ivy dying.

What is going on? I bought a beautiful full dark green English Ivy in hanging basket for indoors. It gets plenty of light from lamp & some from window. All of a sudden in the middle of the plant the leaves are drying up and dying. Some leaves at the end of the vines are wilting. Sprayed for spider mites but not sure that is the problem. Do not over water. I had a silver ivy that did the same thing and lost it completely.


Jim Wells County Texas over 4 years ago

Jim wells county garden

When can I start planting in my garden and what can be planted now and later


Jim Wells County Texas over 4 years ago

hackberry tree or sweet cherry tree

I had dropped seeds from sweet cherries we were eating on the deck outside, a year later a small shoot came up from between the boards where dirt and leaves get stuck. I took the shoot and planted it is doing well. I always thought it to be a cherry sprout but there is also a hackberry tree towering near. I ran the leaves through an identification app and sweet cherries came up. However the leaves look very similar. Please help.



Jim Wells County Texas almost 4 years ago

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