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Fuzzy catepillar

I have an azelea bush that was attacked by whitish fuzzy catepillars. Totally denuded the plant. Sorry no pictures of the critter. 1. Will that kill my azelea. 2. What do you suggest as an insecticide, Sevin dust? 3. If I use Sevin should I provide prophylatic treatment to other ornamentals?



Jefferson County Texas trees and shrubs insect issues horticulture over 5 years ago

How to Eradicate of Red Bugs?

I have red bugs in my yard and on my patio/deck. What is the best way to exterminate them?


Jefferson County Texas integrated pest management insect issues over 6 years ago

What is the name of this cactus?

can you please identify this cactus. It climbs the walls with its branches, using its roots to hold on. Is very fast growing.



Jefferson County Texas plant identification horticulture over 4 years ago

Where to find: fast growing, Blueberry tree

When landscaping our previous home in Beaumont, TX, we planted a pair of what I recall as "blueberry trees" since they were recommended as fast growing trees. Five years later, they have tripled in size and are over the rooftop. I am looking to find it for planting in another location. Can you advise where to try to find it in Southeast Texas?


Jefferson County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

decibel safety on equines

having to move and board horses. the stalls are very closely butted up to train tracks. loud. is this safe or could cause concern for decibel levels. Thanks susan


Jefferson County Texas horses 10 months ago

Apple tree care.

I have a 3 yr. old Gala apple tree that has a "sucker" growing from the bottom of the tree, (the "sucker" has many leaves and is about a foot tall). The Gala has begun to bloom, and I am unsure if I should cut off the "sucker", or wait until blooming has finished (or until winter dormancy)?


Jefferson County Texas over 3 years ago

planted row of tabasco pepper plants ,next day all leaves from all plants...

planted row of tabasco pepper plants ,next day all leaves from all plants were gone only stem left.It was a row of six plants.


Jefferson County Texas over 5 years ago


I have holly bushes in fron yard. I want to trim a bunch off top,and front. I live in Beaumont tx. Is this a good time to do it. I don't want to harm them.


Jefferson County Texas about 3 years ago

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