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water softeners

Any advice about water softeners? Health related issues of softeners? economy of use? general costs? longevity of units? ETC



Jasper County TX almost 7 years ago

What herbicide can eliminate invasive cane at the root

We have about two acres of ground covered with invasive cane. We pushed the tall canes over with a bulldozer would like to spray the new growth with an effective herbicide to stop regroth. Help please


Jasper County TX almost 4 years ago

What is happenig to Sassafras?

All the Sassafras trees on my 60 acre farm have died. No herbicides applied. Die-off began before drought set in. Is there a disease rampant that is killing all the Sassafras similar to the ones that killed all the Mimosa trees years ago and a certain kind of Oak not too long ago? My County Agent doesn't seem too concerned, but I am. My Sassafras trees were important to me and now they are all dead. Any ideas?


Jasper County TX over 4 years ago

Please help ID this "weed" in Jasper County?

This "weed" is growing on a wooded lot in Jasper County. It is near a shallow ditch and receives direct sunlight after Noon through sunset. Weed or not, my wife likes it and would like to use it on another property. It did not have an odor and the stems are very straight. What is it? Thank you for any assistance. ---- Woody Cox, Buna, Tx.


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Jasper County TX almost 6 years ago

Azalea problem

We have what looks like a white powder on the leaves of our azaleas. Can you tell us what it is and what to do to get rid of it? Is it the same thing that is on our Crape Myrtle?
Thank you for any advise you can give us regarding this problem.


Jasper County TX about 6 years ago

Plants & cold weather

What kind of plant has ice come out of the stem when it freezes. It is very delicate and looks kinda like ribbon. It's beautiful, I have pictures.


Jasper County TX almost 4 years ago

What plant is this?

I know this is a fairly common low maintenance flower bed kinda plant but what is it called?



Jasper County MO over 4 years ago

Transplanting Mayhaw Seedlings

When is the best time to transplant young mayhaw trees?


Jasper County TX almost 5 years ago

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