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Mold Testing

Hello, how can I get my home tested for mold at a cost I can afford? I have AC. I do not have any visible mold however there has been a small leak 7 years ago that went into the basement ceiling.

El Paso County Colorado about 1 month ago

Small fishing pond

How can I find someone to dig a small fishing pond and make sure it is done right? I live in Meridian Ranch Peyton CO.

El Paso County Colorado over 2 years ago

Why is my Mountain Ash shedding bark?

My Mountain Ash is shedding bark. It is happening in much of the vertical trunk. I had originally thought it was because of flickers that began coming around because of a new bird feeder. Now looking at some of the smaller branches I looks like they are peeling in small squares, vs the longer strips of the trunk.
Is there something I should do to help or protect my tree?

Thank you!

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El Paso County Colorado over 2 years ago

Hornet's Nest

Hello , I thought I would share some pictures of a huge Hornet’s nest ( I think they were Baldfaced Hornets) that was in my Aspen tree last summer . I sprayed them b/c it was close to us and my neighbor and b/c it was so large. I just recently cut it down and opened it up to see what the insides looked like . I don’t know how long it took to build b/c I didn’t see it till it was done , but must have taken quite awhile . So many layers and honeycombs , must have had a HUGE population ! Awesome ; any feedback would be greatly appreciated . Sincerely , Tom Hemry

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El Paso County Colorado almost 3 years ago

Cluster of giant aspen leaves

We have an aspen with a rather dead branch. Coming out of that branch is a large cluster of large (4-5") aspen leaves. Any idea what caused this?

El Paso County Colorado over 3 years ago

Reclaming a sand round pen

We live in the Black Forest and the only sunny area is a 900 sq ft area that my husband used as a round pen with a sand base that he even sprayed round up on to kill the weeds several years ago. How can I reclaim it to grow my vegetable garden. Would a cover crop work? Seasoned horse manure? I was going to have 4", 10 cubic yards of planters mix delivered but with my now fixed income, $650 is a deal breaker. We are senior citizens now and not as spry as we once were.

El Paso County Colorado over 3 years ago

Buffalo and Blue gramma seed

Where can we buy good, healthy seed for Buffalo and Blue grama grass ?

El Paso County Colorado over 3 years ago

Plant identification

Can anyone identify this plant?

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El Paso County Colorado about 4 years ago

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