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Grubs have invaded my yard and garden. I would like to get rid of most of these without fear of killing my rich earthworm population or harming the birds, squirrels and other wildlife. I also have pets (dogs/cats) that go into the yard and garden. Any suggestions?


Hutchinson County TX grub control over 3 years ago

backwoods remedy to remove turtles

Build a 4' × 4' squart of 6"wide wood Attach Styrofoam to bottom attach about 4ft deep netting to catch anything jumping into middle of square. Drive nails to prevent the turtles that slide off into the middle from climbing back to rest on the board.


Hutchinson County TX over 4 years ago

purplish red weed

I got the name of the weed finally,but none of my weed spray works,please help. even the hi-yield 2,4-D does not show this weed,everything kills my Bermuda grass but not this stupid weed. (oxalis-corniculata)


Hutchinson County TX over 1 year ago

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