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Oozing Trees

We have several trees on our property that have oozing spots on the trunk. Please let me know what this might be & how to treat it.

I have attached 2 pictures.

Thank you,

Terri Barron '91


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Hunt County TX about 7 years ago

fertilizing hay pasture

I am wanting to fertilize for the summer grasses in a week or two. Should I shred first?


Hunt County TX about 6 years ago


I live in Greenville, Tx, NE of Dallas. I have 2 acres of property with several large post oak trees. I am looking for a variety of fescue or ryegrass to plant under the trees to prevent erosion as some of the property is sloped. Any suggestions? Some trees seem to have a native fescue type plant scattered already. Thank you.


Hunt County TX about 7 years ago

nematodes on pecan weevil control

Is there any aggie research on the use and effectivness of beneficial nematodes on the pecan weevil


Hunt County TX over 5 years ago


What is this?


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Hunt County TX almost 5 years ago

Grass problem

I live in southwest Hunt County, east of Rockwall TX, on 10 acres. About 25% of it is routinely mowed.

About half of the mowed area is bermuda, so no problem there. Two other grasses have been a problem though, especially this year. I took some pictures a few days ago: Photos 1 and 2 show a large, clumping type of grass that grows long, tough stems. It doesn't mow cleanly. Photos 3 shows a grass that grows lower and that has a switch type seedhead. It mows better, though is still unattractive.

So I have a few questions. Hoping you can help.
1. Can you identify these two grasses?
2. Is there a post emergent herbicide that would effectively control these without hurting the bermuda?
3. Would a pre emergent, if applied this fall, keep these two grasses from germinating? If so, can you recommend a herbicide (liquid perferred; I have a 19 gallon ATV-mounted sprayer) and the best date to apply? This would be a good answer, if effective, since we also have a minor problem in a few areas with purslane and grassburrs.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hunt County TX almost 6 years ago

Beef sales

I recently had a steer slaughtered and on the beef the label says "NOT FOR RESALE". Does that apply to private sales and if so what are my limitations.


Hunt County TX about 5 years ago

Pond algae

My 1-1 1/2 acre pond in Hunt County is covered in a brownish floating algae. Is there a safe way to remove it? I have bass and catfish in it. Thank you. Kathy


Hunt County TX almost 5 years ago

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