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Insect Frass

Is insect frass beneficial? What's its pros and cons?


Howard County Texas almost 6 years ago

Applicator License

In the state of Texas is it still required to have a pesticide applicator license if you are using all natural products?


Howard County Texas about 7 years ago

Bolting Radishes

My husband and I have built a greenhouse and I love it even though it is a learning experience. I have planted German Giant Radishes 3 times in my planter boxes and they sprout quickly, grow 4 inches tall in a week and lay over and never make radishes, What is the problem? My lettuce did the same. Help!!!


Howard County Texas about 4 years ago

I want to save my trees

My husband sprayed our lawn with liquid treflan through water hose, followed by 13-13-13 fertilizer, and then over the counter weed begone through water hose. A few days later the lawn completely died, and what is devestating us is that the pecan trees and Chinese pistachio trees began to shown browning of leaves. At this time they look fried. The shrubs outlining the lawn look stressed but not dead, so we know a breeze didn't blow the spray to the trees. This is the first year we used weedbegone product. What can we do to save the trees?


Howard County Texas almost 6 years ago

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