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Bottom land grass

I have a ranch in Sulphur Springs, TX. I'm in the process of clearing some bottom land for cattle grazing. I would like to know a good grass seed to plant for summer and winter grazing?


Hopkins County TX over 7 years ago

cherry tomato pinworms

How can I get rid of cherry tomato pinworms?


Hopkins County TX over 5 years ago


I have a 20 year old horse, who is a pet. His hooves have always given him problems, in that they are always cracking. He forages on a prairie grasses plus bermuda grass. Could not enough protein be his problem? and how does one determine the protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral percentages of of wild prairie grasses?


Hopkins County TX almost 6 years ago

Unknown weed

What weed is this taking over my centipede grass? Live in northeast Texas



Hopkins County TX over 5 years ago

What's this spider?

This spider has made its home in my garage for a while now. It's not bothering me & I don't bother it. I figure it's keeping more bothersome things in check. But then I noticed what might be an egg sack. I don't want the whole family moving in, especially if it might be a black widow. I couldn't see a red marking to know for sure. If it is a black widow, what should I do about her?


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Hopkins County TX over 4 years ago

Emergent Vegetation Establishment

I am try to re-establish shoreline/emergent vegetation in a 15 acrea lake in Northeast Texas. The lake lost almost all its vegetation when we stocked Triploid Grass Carp to control moss. But now there is no vegetation in the water and some ofor the banks have exposed mud. That has resulted in soil erosion, muddy water, and has negatively impacted the fish population.
We used to have various grasses and rushes that grew on the banks and in shallow water. What is the best way to re-establish this vegetation? Is there a seeding option that works? What type of vegetation would you recommend? Would spike rush be a good option?

Thanks so much for your help


Hopkins County TX about 7 years ago

ID wildflower

I came across this flower on the shore of lake Cooper in east Texas. My first thought was Fiddleneck, but I can't find an image that matches, nor can I find it on wildflower websites. It was a small plant, there were only a few. Under a foot tall and wide. This was in full sun. The lake was low, likely this are is under water in early spring. It was blooming and seeding in mid July. There were multiple composite flowers which faded from violet to white along the stock. The stock curved. Seeds were small and brown, leaves were medium green. The plant seemed fairly compact overall, not branching. Thanks.



Hopkins County TX over 7 years ago

Cattle fencing spedifications

What are the specifications for a good boundary fence for holding cattle


Hopkins County TX about 5 years ago

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