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Cattle and hairy vetch cross-contamination concerns

I have a couple of acres I am developing into a hobby truck farm. My soil report from TAMU shows a severe lack of N2. I would like to plant a good overwinter cover crop to build up the N2 levels and add residue for weed suppression and water conservation. A hairy vetch blend seems to be the ideal cover crop—good N2 fixation with the potential of lots of residue.

My concern is the poisonous nature of hairy vetch for cattle. I have not found much on the topic, only that cattle can die from eating it. I don't run cattle, but my neighbor across the road does, and I do not want to harm his herd if some of the vetch seed gets carried into his pasture or gets established in the bar ditch. The neighbor cultivates and drills wheat every year, so the chances of a big patch of vetch getting started are minimal. If I need to keep it out of the bar ditch, I can. If it is too risky, then I will need to find a alternative cover crop.

How much do I need to worry about this? What is the lethal dose of hairy vetch in cattle? Is it a matter of them eating just a little, or do they have to graze it all the time?


Hockley County TX over 6 years ago

What is this

What kind of plant is this


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Hockley County TX about 4 years ago

Pre emergent in Hydroponics Greenhouse


I am reclaiming a neglected greenhouse to set up a Dutch bucket hydroponics system. There will be no crop grown in the soil or having soil contact. The amount of weed and grass seeds were evident while cleaning it out. I will put down a weed blocker but knowing the amount of weed seeds already in the soil I would like to put down a pre emergent to hope to get ahead of spring. I pulled out all the weed blocker fabric that was in the greenhouse previously. I am certainly staying away from liquid pre emergent to avoid volatility. If I incorporated a granular pre emergent such as trifluralin into the soil then overlaid it with black plastic or weed cloth would volatility be a factor?

I have also seen corn gluten mentioned as a safe pre emergent. Does corn gluten provide any real effect? If so, at what rate would be acceptable?


Hockley County TX over 5 years ago

Trellis supplies

Verticle Shoot Positioning. I am located in Lubbock, TX I guess you would call us hobby or experimental growers. We are growing a dozen varieties to determine what will produce for us and we are approaching 800 young vines. In the future we may plant several acres of 1-2 varieties. I would like to install VSP on my vines . Orchard Valley sells these for $4.64 each plus freight plus U-Bolts. That would be $4000 and seems cost prohibitive. Other than that, I am having great difficulty in finding supplies. Can you advise where we can find these cross arms at a reasonable price? Or direction in self-fabrication.



Hockley County TX over 4 years ago

Are there tax advantages

you know if there are tax advantages to opening a vineyard? We have some acreage that has pecan trees and we are looking to add a vineyard to the land if it has some advantages.


Hockley County TX about 6 years ago

Death to Ol'Mature Boxwood-Hedges

5-16-14; Recently I ask a question in regrds. to several of our"Ol'Matured Boxwood Hedges"die'g & on some, showing brown dead leaves/stems, this year. It was graciously answered & deeply appreciated.! However, the answer seem to come straight out of a Technology Bk.!! We understood little, to none of the answer. Would U please forward a more "Down-to Earth" answer.? We've no degrees, nor experience in Horticulture. We have horses. Thank you, once again for your time & hopefully your understanding with this unfortunate occurrence. Respectfully, Jack & Bubbles Wilhite..Drought Stricken Texas


Hockley County TX about 6 years ago

Watermelon Preserves/Jams & Jelly

Can the Red-Meaty portion, of a Watermelon be used in canning Watermelon-Preserves, along with the rind.?


Hockley County TX about 6 years ago

Older Mature Boxwood Hedges

We live in the Country of Ropesville, Texas; in a flat, dry area. We purchased our home almost 9yrs. ago, with LOTS of beautiful "Mature Boxwood Hedges". In 2013, many home-owners, (including us) lost several Hedges.! All had lots of dead, tan leaves. We replaced each hedge accordingly. This year, there are a "Few" dead limbs/leaves around. We were told it's due to the severe "Drouth" Texas & our Region had. We've watered more, sense then. Are we correct in doing so, or can somethg. else be going on, like "What" & what do we need to do to save/salvage existing Hedges.? Thank you.! Bubbles Wilhite (Legal Birth Name.!)


Hockley County TX about 6 years ago

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