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Blue berries and red berries on trees or bushes

Can anyone help me identify what types of trees or bushes these are?


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Hill County TX over 4 years ago

Best Coastal Hay

What is the best coastal hay to grow in Hill County texas that will give me the biggest bang for the buck.

Terry Cason


Hill County TX over 7 years ago

What type of Tree or Bush is this?

Can someone help me identify what type of plant this is please?

Donovan Scott


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Hill County TX almost 4 years ago

Killing Mesquite

We have several acres of Mesquite saplings.They have been previously controlled by mowing. What is the best way to get rid of them?


Hill County TX about 5 years ago

Fast Growing Trees In Hill County TX

I am considering putting an offer on 10 acres in Hillsboro, TX, but the property does not have any trees on it. I would like to plant about 20 fast growing trees around the property and a few slower more hardy ones as well. I have read that cottonwoods will grow very fast. What would you suggest as the best trees to plant in this area and when is the best time to plant them? Also, how old do they have to be before I would be able to let horses into the pasture where they are growing?


Hill County TX about 5 years ago

Natural fence on about 8 acres

I would like to know if there is a fast growing hedge or bushy tree that would make a natural fence. I want to use as little man made material as possible to keep horses in a pasture. I know I would need some wire to keep them from going through bare spots, but I would prefer to use a couple of strands versus several.


Hill County TX about 5 years ago


How do you make a smiley face symbol with small eyes similar to this •◡•



Hill County TX about 5 years ago

Mystery plant in my raised garden.

Hi! In May I had a 4'x8' raised garden built; filled it with a mix of homemade compost, soil mix from last year's "barrel garden" and new garden soil, then planted vegetable plants plus cowpea seeds. I have a mystery plant between the squash and the cowpea sprouts...also one popping up next to a tomato plant. Attached are 3 pics of the mystery plant. Hope you can identify it for me.


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Hill County TX about 6 years ago

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