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Insect boring holes in lodge pole pine deck supports.

Something is boring oval shaped holes in the lodge pole pine supports of my deck. The poles have been in place for seventeen years. I noticed them when I saw something resembling dried pine sap around the holes. I have noticed bees entering and exiting the holes (no swarms). These support poles are located next to a planting area containing plants which attract bees. I would like to know what is going on as I would prefer to put wood putty in the holes, but I do not wish to harm the bees.

Elbert County Colorado almost 3 years ago

Ferret aqusition


I was wondering if you knew of how to get ferrets to come and work on my prairie dog population on my ranch in Elbert county.


Elbert County Colorado almost 3 years ago

entering art pieces

Really having trouble with the whole art thing, which is so fun for me, and I may or may not have talent but my life is profoundly affected by my inability to do stuff on line...the time it takes, the failures of that time to "get anywhere" "HOW TO ENTER anything !!" the enthusiasm crushing experience that this ALWAYS turns out to be....(2 and a half years later...I have only shown this stuff once....because someone else in "art Club" did all the online work)....however people should see my art....I know there is art at every fair I have ever attended; but HOW to call someone or HOW to enter is beyond my ability ....except with help I guess...help! ?? Laurie Bristow Smith, Elizabeth CO


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Elbert County Colorado almost 2 years ago

Selecting the right trees

What is the best and fastest growing shade tree for Colorado? We are at 6400' elevation. Moderate water, prefer color, must be safe for horses. We want to plant about 30 trees for shade around our home and horse paddocks. Do you have any recommendations on where to buy the trees from? We also need to relocate some Mugho Pines and Austrian Pines. What is the best time of year to do this? Thanks for your help.


Elbert County Colorado almost 6 years ago

Sudden Onset Blue Spruce Problem

I have a small blue spruce, transplanted this year, which is suddenly exhibiting reddish brown needles since the first extended hard freeze last week. Prior to that, it was attracting wasps. I have not been able to detect obvious boring holes at the base, middle, and top of the trunk. What is your opinion of the cause of this and what treatment would you recommend? See attached pics.


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Elbert County Colorado 8 months ago

Producing a complete cattle feed from wet brewers grains

I want to mix wet brewers grains with some kind of forage to produce a complete cattle feed with all of the best nutritional qualities that is also the most economical to produce. Can you tell me which kinds of forage would be best nutritionally and have the least amount of risk in terms of nitrates or other elements ? I'm considering hay, straw, sorghum, corn stalks etc.


Elbert County Colorado over 6 years ago

Vegetable Gardening - Fertilization

I am planning a vegetable garden this year but did not get a soil test done :( The garden has not been used for about 4 years, no amendments or fertilizer have been added. The area was originally year round heated greenhouse and I believe the soil was brought in as it is fluffy and not full of clay or sand.

I will be planting leafy greens, carrots, radishes, broccoli, squash, pumpkins, melons and various herbs.

Should I apply some type of all around fertilizer prior to planting, should I side dress when planting, or should I just take the easy route and use Miracle Grow regularly.

Any input you have would be appreciated.



Elbert County Colorado about 1 year ago

Apple tree in trouble?

We have a young apple tree we noticed this weekend has new growth on it as well as what appears to be a cover of powdery mildew. We grafted this tree at a workshop in Jeffco three years ago. It has done well so far. The cucurbitas had a fair amount of powdery mildew this summer which is where the apple tree got it I assume. Is there anything I can do for this tree now? Should I put a bit of neem oil on it? As for the growth I fear there is little I can do as the weather will turn soon enough. This tree is a cold hardy and a late bloomer which we chose due to the conditions out here but this year I fear for it's survival. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have attached photos taken yesterday.


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Elbert County Colorado over 2 years ago

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