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Sales agreement

We need a sales agreement form as a guide to sell cattle to an individual.


Henderson County Texas almost 7 years ago

What color are Redbud leaves?

I have a 8-ft tall forest pansy redbud which has a 'burgundy colored' leaf. It leafed out colored and is still colored. Early this year I purchase several small redbud (2-ft) that were suppose to be forest pansy redbuds. However, when they leafed out the leaves were the usual green color and are still the same green color, not like the taller forest pansy redbud I have had for two years. I think I may have been 'scammed' and was sold regular redbud. My question, should the leaves of these 'supposedly forest pansy redbud' be tinted even though they are very young plants? I would like to know before I complain to the place I bought them.

Thanks. Jim


Henderson County Texas almost 7 years ago

Silver Mound Lantana

I bought 2 kinds of Lantana from the "Blue Moon Garden Center" in Chandler TX. One is called Lantana Camara "Lucky", the other is Silver Mound Lantana. I see that Camara Lantana is considered invasive... is Silver Mound Lantana also invasive?
They are both planted in my raised beds and seem to be taking over the entire area, where I have Salvia, Skull Cap, Cone Flower and Blanket Flower also growing. If they are invasive, how do you recommend I remove them without disturbing my other flowers.
Thank you,


Henderson County Texas over 3 years ago


my tiny orchard/vineyard is on the south end of cedar creek lake north of trinidad, tx.

birds eat everything as it turns red or dark.

whats the best peaches for my sandy soil that gets the least red.

whats the best black berry like plant that will do well in partial shade.

when is the best time to cut off an ear of cactus and stick it in the ground

1. would please send me the simplest spray calendar for my orchard of fruit trees, apple, sansuma orange, lime, lemon, pawpaw, plum, mulberry, and olive.

2. another one for my pecan trees, 6 different kinds of soft shell.

4. another one for my vineyard of black spanish and blanc du bois

i know im asking a lot but i would really appreciate your assistance.

thanks dennis cooper


Henderson County Texas over 5 years ago

How do you kill the Crape Myrtle sprout with out killing whole bush.

My title is the question. I have seen c.m's that had/have a small root base but my c.m's have a large base
I use a hand axe every spring to get rid of the shoots but this is considerable work. I wish I could just spray the tender shoots and not have to worry about killing the whole bush.
I hope some one can help me with this problem.


Henderson County Texas almost 3 years ago

Nellie R. Stevens

Have 4 Nellie R. Stevens around 8-10 years old. 7-8 feet tall. #2 started turning yellow and died. #1 next to it is starting to turn yellow at the top. I have 10 of these and I'm afraid of losing them.


Henderson County Texas over 5 years ago

Why doesn't my Kumquat tree set fruit?

I have a 5 year (?) kumquat tree (Nagami ????) that blooms profusely several times during the spring and early summer, (It is blooming now.) but does not set fruit. It is potted and about 3 foot tall. I have it inside in the winter and outside other times (in mostly shade during the hot summer in East Texas.) I fertilize with a slow release product.
Any suggestions?


Henderson County Texas almost 7 years ago

mutated pear tomatoes

I grew my pear tomatoes from a pkg. of Lilly Miller Yellow Pear. Plants are growing well in my garden but the pear tomatoes on them are up to 4 inches long and look nothing like the yellow pear I have grown in the past. They are still green and growing so not sure if or when they will turn yellow. Will these be safe to eat ? What went wrong ? Thanks, Kathy


Henderson County Texas almost 4 years ago

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