Hemphill County, Texas

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Plant/Weed Identification

Need help in identify these plants/weeds. Last year the area was covered with sand burs. The plants labeled 1 are growing in the same areas as the sand burs, but I've been told it's (plant 1) is a brome grass. http://t.co/sXWpUPVKtv



Hemphill County Texas over 4 years ago

rooting solution for branches

on the gardening pbs program on Sat. morning Feb. 4, 2017 they gave tips on rooting branches. I would like to have a list of what to mix to make this solution. my e-mail is japa.powell@gmail.com. I did not write this down as she was telling the amount of the sugar and bleach and the other ingredients. thank you! this is the first time for me to search things so not knowledge on computer about uploading things


Hemphill County Texas almost 3 years ago

Where can I find information on weed and brush control for noncommercial applicators in Texas?

I am looking for online study information on weed and brush control for the Texas Department of Agriculture noncommercial applicators.


Hemphill County Texas rangelands herbicides lrk over 5 years ago

Herbicide info

What herbicide can you use on Bermuda grass to kill little barley and rescue grass?


Hemphill County Texas weed control herbicides over 4 years ago

my question

my goat is acting strange i have had it for over 2 years and it was tame as a pet rock now if it sees anyone it goes crazy and tries to get away do you know what is happening


Hemphill County Texas goats about 5 years ago

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