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Several Established Mountain Laurel Trees are Dropping All Their Leaves!

We are blessed with dozens of native Mountain Laurel trees of various sizes that had been doing very well for decades with no help from us, but all of a sudden several of the trees in one area are dumping their leaves.

The leaves first get spotty, then they just drop off. We have NEVER watered the area and nothing drains into it. We have never used any herbicides or even insecticides there. The only thing happening nearby horticulturally is that two large Live Oak trees are dying of Oak Wilt, but no branches have fallen from the oaks yet.

The sick Mountain Laurels have no visible worms or webs at all, just spotty leaves that drop off. We thought Mountain Laurels were pretty much immune to most diseases, but ours are VERY sick all of a sudden. Any thoughts?



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Hays County Texas over 4 years ago

'Full Classes'

I was told at the Wimberley Extension office in Hays county that ALL Classes for the Master Gardner AND the Naturalist program are FULL thru Next Year and there is a Waiting List...??? If they are full, there is a NEED, so why don't you offer MORE Classes... ?


Hays County Texas over 2 years ago

Help identify

I have a plant in my backyard that I am curious to find out its exact identification. I have quite a variety of trees, shrubs, etc. throughout my property. This plant I am inquiring about is the only one I have and sits close to my house but never has a chance to bloom. The deer seem to always hit this peticular plant. I am wanting to transplant it into my fenced in area. Would like to get some more information on what it is. Thank you


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Hays County Texas over 4 years ago


my sweetgum is three yrs old and now is turning yellow leaves and burnt on ends should I be worried? We have had a lot of rain this year. Thanks Ruby


Hays County Texas about 4 years ago

Horse Herb?

I live in northwest Hays Co. My lawn is being taken over by Horse Herb. Is there a herbicide that will kill it , but safe for bermuda and zoysia?

Thank you,

Tom Phillips '67


Hays County Texas about 5 years ago

Name this plant

This plant came up in my garden. It stands about 18-24" tall on a single stalk. It has grape like berries. What is it?



Hays County Texas over 6 years ago

Powder substance on Christmas cacti

I know this is not a native plant but is a common house plant and thought you might be able to answer this for me.. It is a white to grey powder substance that appears on the lower stems and migrates up the plant. I tried scraping some off and crushing it and the color did not change. I would like to know how if possible to get rid of it.


Richard McKean



Hays County Texas almost 7 years ago

can i plant a chinese parasol tree?

i would like to know if it would be okay to plant a parasol tree in kyle texas


Hays County Texas over 4 years ago

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