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Serious looking bug bite

My 2 year old slept in the same bed as my mom 2 nights ago and now my mom has small bites all around her stomach and back but none on her arms and legs but they are starting to look like little pimples. My 2 year old has sensitive skin like I do and her multiple bites are on her arms and legs and very swollen. I sat my child down and looked at one of the bites trying to see if there was anything under the skin and as I'm pulling her skin a little tighter the bite burst out with pus. There was enough pus to cover the circumference of a nickel I'd say and it was kinda shocking that much pus came outta my 2 year old by simply moving her skin around to see if there were anything under the skin because it was very swollen. What on earth could have caused these bites and how do I figure out what I need to exterminate from moms lake house so this doesnt happen again?


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Harrison County TX 12 days ago

planting kentucky 31 in east Texas

When should I sow the seed, in east Texas? Harrison co. Mashall,tx.


Harrison County TX over 5 years ago

Almond Trees

Can I grow almond trees successfully in East Texas? (near Longview) I found a variety called Texas Mission, but I don't know anyone who grows almond trees here. Didn't see any info on almonds on tamu website either.

Jackie Gregston


Harrison County TX over 3 years ago

Identify my tree please

Hello, I have been attempting to identify the type of tree that is growing in my neighbor's yard and I have taken photos of the leaves and the tree to a couple of nurseries and they haven't been able to identify it. It is a very common tree that is in my neighborhood, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in Houston, Tx.


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Harrison County TX almost 5 years ago

le conte pear tree

Hello! Best type of soil to plant a bearing le conte in? Very heavily fertilized with well composted horse manure is where I plan to plant will this be ok? I live in Harrison County.


Harrison County TX about 6 years ago

Bald cypress tree

Hi, I collected a couple of fruit balls, their green and closed, I want to plant them after doing the above mentioned steps, when is the best time to plant them? If I do the 60 day stratification after they dry out( ? How long does that take) will it be too cold to plant? I'm in east Texas. Thanks


Harrison County TX over 4 years ago

What is this plant?

It is all over our pasture and has a strong pungent smell. Also makes me sneeze. And how do I get rid of it?



Harrison County TX almost 4 years ago

Floral/ nursery license

How long after applying for a license before I can begin selling plants?


Harrison County TX 9 months ago

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