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how to get rid of parisite plant

Hi, The last few years my yard has been invaded by something that is out of control now. At first I could pick it off the plants but it keeps coming back. It is getting everywhere but it is taking over the altheas fastest. This last winter I picked it off a row of altheas which was covering the twigs and it has pretty much killed the plants come spring. Most died and the few left are very sparse and sickly looking. I’m including some pictures and an althea I did not pick at that is healthier. I am even noticing it on the trunks of the palm trees and crepe myrtles now. I have sprayed with insecticide and also several treatments of daconil. Nothing seems to help or even slow it down. What can I do before it kills everything in my yard. I am including a picture. Thanks,



Hardin County Texas over 3 years ago

Sugar Snaps

When do i plant sugar snaps in zone 9 for spring harvest?


Hardin County Texas over 3 years ago


When you answered my question several weeks ago you recommended i use Glyphosate. I am buying 1 gallon of Fluridone from Lakerestoration.com I don't see anything called Glyphosate. Can you tell me another name for that? My Daddy's pond is in great need of it. I would like to order it from one place if I could. Thanks for your help and looking forward to hearing from you...


Hardin County Texas almost 6 years ago

Tree identification

Will someone please identify this tree? I have looked in several books...no luck. See attachment. Thanks in advance.


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Hardin County Texas over 6 years ago

Crape myrtle

I live in southeast Texas.i have some trees I've neglected to trim. Is ok to trim now,or should I wait.


Hardin County Texas over 6 years ago

Fertilizer, Weed control schedule for St. Augustine grass, SE Texas

What kind and what schedule should I follow for fertilizer and weed control, etc for St. Augustine grass near Beaumont, TX?


Hardin County Texas about 6 years ago

4 digit upper lip tattoo on mare horse

My mare horse 2329 tattooed on her upper lip how do I identify her. There are no letters are any other kinda Mark's with that tattoo. Can you help me please



Hardin County Texas about 1 month ago

Meadow Grass Mix for Koontz, TX

Just cleared 5 acres for a pond and want to plant low-growing meadow grass/flowers around it,
Mostly sun exposure. Sandy soil.
Can you please recommend a seed mixture for me?
How many lbs. for good coverage?
When to plant.
Thank you



Hardin County Texas over 4 years ago

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