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I have a Monterey Oak and Cedar Elm. Both trees are getting poke a dot brown...

I have a Monterey Oak and Cedar Elm. Both trees are getting poke a dot brown spots on the leaves. Should we be concerned? And if so what may be the cause? I can take pic and attach if needed.


Guadalupe County Texas over 4 years ago

Pecan Productiom

I’m working on a project that involves Pecans. I am looking for the amount of acres in production for Texas that are native and improved varieties. Do you happen to have those numbers or point me in the direction to find the data.


Guadalupe County Texas over 3 years ago

Using Sevin dust on new transplants

Does Sevin dust damage new leaves on freshly transplanted pumpkins and squash out in the sun?


Guadalupe County Texas almost 5 years ago

Dense and shade mix taking over my yard

I have a Bermuda lawn. A neighbor planted some dense and shade mix that has taken over portions of yard. How can I get rid of it? I've trying mowing low and reseeding with Bermuda twice with no luck.


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Guadalupe County Texas about 3 years ago

Oak Root

What are the items attached to our oak tree roots? They are various shaped, wrapped around the secondary root structures. They are semi-malleable, reddish to white-red. It could be a fungus, but I can't be for sure. Is it something to not worry about or should we do something about it?


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Guadalupe County Texas about 6 years ago

Pick or Pull

We have these two plants that are growing in one of our gardens and don't know whether to pick them or pull them. Can you please identify and advise? Thank you.


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Guadalupe County Texas almost 6 years ago


My young avocado tree is dying from the top due to a browning of the bark. When it gets to a branch, it starts wilting the leaves and they die and the branch drops. A photo will be included.



Guadalupe County Texas almost 4 years ago

Kyle Field like lawn

I seeded my yard with the same Triple Bermuda that was used on Kyle field but am not getting good coverage. The local golf course superintendent said it because I have black dirt and needed a couple inches of sand on top. What kind of sand should I use ? I was only told NOT to use cement sand !
"btw...... the trees were trimmed last year to get full sunlight to the yard and it has a sprinkler system that waters 3 days a week ....20 minutes per zone"


Guadalupe County Texas over 3 years ago

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