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Filamentous algae

Any suggestions on how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated. Have tried dye and other chemicals sold at tractor supply. Would grass carp be an option?

Grimes County TX almost 5 years ago

Army worm control

In the last two days, "while I wasn't looking", army worms have devastated 70 acres of young grain sorghum. What's the latest recommended control program?


Grimes County TX about 6 years ago

Hay Servicers

I purchased 40 acres in Shiro ,Tx on CR235 , I am in need of someone To shred, Seed , fertilizer,Cut and Bale. Is there someone in Anderson area that has a commercial Baling service. I am working in the UAE working and i am not able to do this myself until i retire.
John Huffman



Grimes County TX over 7 years ago

Unidentified Pest

I assume this guy on my Pole Beans is an adverse resident, but what is it and how do I treat for it? I found 2 on the underside of two different leaves. I have other plants in my garden as well; what other plants might this guy be attracted to? Any help is appreciated.


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Grimes County TX almost 7 years ago

Distorted Squash Leaves

What is wrong with my squash and gourds? The leaves are curled and turning hard then dry starting with the youngest leaves first. The plants are still producing flowers and fruit, but what is causing this issue, and will it be safe for me to plant other vegetables in this same garden (tomato and cucumber)? No garden has been in this location before, I amended the soil with mushroom compost and top dressed the bed with dry leaves before direct sowing my seeds. It gets full sun and I water from a soaker hose. Any help you can give me will be appreciated.


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Grimes County TX almost 7 years ago

Growing Coastal Bermuda in Iola pasture

I had about an acre cleared of dead trees and brush by bulldozer very recently. I want to plant coastal bermuda there for erosion abatement and horse grazing. What is the best method of planting? I have been warned that feed plot planters will plant the seeds too deep to germinate. Am I best served to spread with hand held spreader and drag a hurricane fencing mat over it? Should I mix fertilizer and seed for the planting? If so, what fertilizer?


Grimes County TX about 7 years ago

Fire Ant Control in a Vegetable Garden

Fire ants have nested in my raised bed where I normally plant vegetables. Is there a pesticide that is safe to use near food crops that will get rid of them I have used Seven both dust and liquid and it was not effective.


Grimes County TX over 4 years ago

What type of caterpillar is this

Any idea of the name of this huge caterpillar?



Grimes County TX almost 4 years ago

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