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Vole problems

I have a major Vole problem. I live in Larkspur, Co on 2 acres year after year my problem gets bigger . Any suggestions I have tried most everything Thanks Larry

Douglas County Colorado about 1 year ago

New invasive grass

I have a new species of grass invading my lawn and have attempted to keep up with it by pulling it but can't keep up with it. It's leaves are lighter than traditional crabgrass or my normal law grass. Can you please recommend the best and strongest thing to kill it that won't kill my other grass? I didn't have it at all a month and a half ago. I used a quick grow grass seed from home depot and wondered it if it might have been contained in that seed.

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Douglas County Colorado almost 3 years ago

Tomato Problems

I bought two tomato plants at Safeway. They both started growing quickly, but I noticed began to grow very odd, elongated fruit (it wasn't supposed to). The leaves had a funny shape and I thought something might be wrong. However, the only thing I noticed with the fruit was that the seeds were very green. The tomatoes tasted great and had a good texture. Unfortunately, I had to ignore them for the past 3-4 weeks. I noticed today a lot of the leaves look stunted, malformed, and are turning yellow. I cut off a lot of the dead leaves and noticed there were tomatoes that looked wilted on one side, even though they weren't ripe yet. The fruit has yellow blotches, in a ring shape. Are the tomatoes edible? Should I pull the plant out immediately? I've included pictures. I have a plant next to it that looks very normal but is just beginning to show some yellowing leaves. I will appreciate any information you can give me.

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Douglas County Colorado over 3 years ago

Super Fast Growing Cottonwood Tree

We planted a cottonwood tree between our deck and our neighbor's almost 3 years ago, to provide some screening between our two homes. It was about 15 ft tall, and had normal sized leaves (about 2 inches at widest). After the Mother's Day freeze of 2015, the top half broke off. We thought it would be disfigured, but we trimmed it and it survived. It is now straight and healthy.
At the same time, my neighbor thought his lovely group of willows that was also between our houses and beneath his downspout, had also died from the freeze. He had all those beautiful willows removed (prematurely, I believe, because it's roots were still green), and replaced them with rocks.
Since that time, my tree is on a growth spree like Jack's bean stalk. It's leaves are now huge, like dinner plates. It's grown about 30 feet, from barely up to the bottom of our second story to the top of our three story house. It's branches are growing so wide that they are about to reach the exterior walls of both houses (the houses are about 30 feet apart).
At this rate, the tree may become a danger to our houses in a few years.
Is there some way can slow down the growth of this giant? Should we be pruning or trimming it aggressively?
We suspect it found the roots of the neighbor's willow and has a surplus of nutrients. It also has all the water from both our downspouts. What do you think we should do? Is there any way to slow down its growth? Is it possible to de-fertilize plants? Thank you for your suggestions.

Douglas County Colorado almost 4 years ago

Caterpillar identification

Anyone know what these caterpillars are? Found on a north facing brick wall enjoying grape leaves.

Another site identified it as western grape leaf skeletonizer caterpillars. Seems correct.



Douglas County Colorado almost 4 years ago

Swarm of bees

How to I encourage this swarm to move on? I don't want to harm them but they are at our entry. I am concerned they will find a way into my attic and I have seen the harm a beehive can do inside a floor or attic. Any suggestions? I have emailed a number of beekeepers but no one seems to be interested. Thanks for any help

Douglas County Colorado about 4 years ago

New Veggie Garden doing poorly

word "week" is typo for 'weed'. Thanks.

Douglas County Colorado about 4 years ago

Google Forms needs an "attachments" feature.

Please add including an attachment as a feature in Google Forms!

Douglas County Colorado almost 5 years ago

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