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How do I treat termites in my Desert Willow trees?


Gillespie County TX 3 months ago

when to put shade cloth on greenhouse

I have a 3000 sq ft greenhouse in Fredericksburg , Texas. I am wondering how do I know when is the correct time to put the shade cloth on the greenhouse. What are the considerations for deciding when to put the shade cloth on and when to take the shade cloth off the greenhouse.

Thank you for your help with this question.


Gillespie County TX almost 5 years ago

Watermelon in raised bed

Good afternoon,
I am seriously considering planting watermelon in a raised bed. It has plenty of room to grow, though it will be shared with squash. Do you recommend this?


Gillespie County TX almost 5 years ago

HELP with peach pests

I have something eating my peach leaves and gooey/black spots on the green peaches. How can I save my peach crop?

Thank you,



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Gillespie County TX over 5 years ago

No flowers

My Esperanza plant had yellow blooms when it was planted in the Spring. Now it is happily growing away but without flowers. It gets full sun until about 3pm. The same is true of the Pride of Barbados plants nearby. They grew new growth to their current height of 3 feet but no blooms have come forth yet. The green leaves on both subject plant types are brilliant.


Gillespie County TX over 6 years ago

Are all Calcium Nitrates the same

I have located a Calcium Nitrate source that does not list the NPK as 15.5-0-0. It is 100% water soluble and is listed as 19% Ca, 26.7% CaO, equaling 78.2% of Ca(NO3)2. Is this an equivalent Calcium Nitrate, as what is listed in this article?


Gillespie County TX over 5 years ago

Ants on Desert Willow

I have ants eating bark on my Desert Willows in Fredericksburg,Tx?


Gillespie County TX 3 months ago

Is it too late...

Is is too late to plant water wise landscape plants in harper? Seems like winter might be coming early. Also, if we get a hard freeze or frost within a month of planting, will it kill the plants? Thank you


Gillespie County TX about 6 years ago

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