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Would spraying oil on citrus trees help before a frost?

In Galveston County we expect a light freeze in 4 or 5 days.
Will it do any good to spray now with neem or agricultural oil at this time?
By the way the citrus presentation by Dr. Monte Nesbitt was very impressive with excellent detail information.


Galveston County Texas over 6 years ago

Sq foot garden overhead drip sys.

Are plans available for an overhead combo PVC drip system and netting/plastic support structure? Something to use for inclement weather (i.e. cold, hot, insects etc:).


Galveston County Texas over 6 years ago

Black Moon Amaryllis

Why are the leaves of my Amaryllis falling over? I planted it in Dec and it seemed to be doing great. And one day a leaf just fell over. Then it stood back up the next day. Then they all fell over. I have it planted inside and turn on a grow light during the day because my windows are tinted .I water it with rain water when it dries out at least two to three inches below surface.


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Galveston County Texas over 3 years ago

Magnollia trees

I had to remove three of my 12 foot magnolia trees because the leaves all truned brown very quickly-45 days. when i cut through he 5 inch truck on the bottom near the grounds it looked like they were eaten by something. What ever the something was I did not see any activity. Any thoughts


Galveston County Texas over 4 years ago

What does this tree slice tell about this tree's life and growth?

The attached picture is a slice from a pine tree in Galveston County, Texas. It fell during hurricane in 2008. What can be learned from it's markings about it's life and growth?



Galveston County Texas about 4 years ago


I'm not sure if you'd know the answer but do you know of any local towns having a fruit or vegetable festival around July 4 weekend?


Galveston County Texas almost 6 years ago

Satsuma Orange Disease

I have a 6 year old satsuma tree which has some kind of disease. Can you take a look at the attached photos and comment on what the disease is and can it be treated?


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Galveston County Texas over 3 years ago

The best combination

I'd like to know what combination of aquatic plants would be best to achieve the most efficient ecosystem in my region. I'm currently researching converting my detent pond in to a natural swimming pool and water garden. My goal is to clarify and provide my pond with the cleanest water possible.The pond covers approximately 1/4 acre with an average depth of 6'. Part shade in the early morning and late afternoon. Otherwise, full sun from 10am to 4pm. I have a few small cypress trees in a 6sf area that provide cover all day.


Galveston County Texas about 6 years ago

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