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frost and freeze dates

What time frame is used to determine the average first/last frost and freeze dates for a region? Is this ever updated? What information is used to determine the dates for rural areas that don't have a local weather station?


Frio County Texas almost 3 years ago

Grazing lease

How do I determine a fair price to charge a lessee to graze livestock on my land? 39 acres with a large pond, fenced. Thank you


Frio County Texas lease agreements pasture leases over 6 years ago

eliminate saandspurs in pasture

we have several pastures with sand spur problems and it isnt practical to clear the livestok to kill the spurs. We have cattle , horses, and buffalo


Frio County Texas weed issues pastures and forages almost 6 years ago

planting in old tires

Is it safe to use an old automobile or tractor tire to make a bed to plant vegetables and/or ornamental plants? I saw a statement in a magazine that this practice should be discouraged but there was no reason given. Thank you.


Frio County Texas healthy community environments horticulture almost 3 years ago

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