Freestone County, Texas

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rules on buying herbicides

What are the rules regarding buying herbicide for personal pasture use ?


Freestone County TX about 5 years ago

nursing bull

We have a 4-year-old bull. He runs with our cows for breeding purposes. Our cows still have calves at their sides. Quite often we have seen our bull nursing our cows. No specific one. Is this unusual? Bad for the cow? Harmful for the calf? We have one cow that is pregnant, but her calf is weaned. Should we separate her when she bags up?


Freestone County TX almost 5 years ago

Chickens stopped laying

We have breeder-raised Buff Orpington chickens. They are 15 months old. They started laying in December. They were laying wonderfully, and then our rooster died. We purchased a new one, but he is a Heritage and is quite a bit larger than our breeder chickens. Since then, their laying has severely decreased. We have gone from 12 to 14 eggs a day (from 14 hens) to 3 to 6 eggs a day. Some of the chickens have bare spots on their backs from the rooster. There seems to be too many loose feathers in the chicken yard. We thought it could be the heat here in Texas, even though we have fans in the coop. Could the rooster be too big for the hens and thus scaring them into not laying? Thank you for your help.


Freestone County TX almost 7 years ago

pecan orchard pollination

Starting a pecan orchard with Pawnee pecans, around a hundred trees so far , planted six Choctaw and Elliott to pollinate the type one Pawnee. Question my orchard is surrounded by native pecan trees ,so will they help pollinate the Pawnees or do I need to include the type twos in the orchard. Also are the Choctaw and Elliott the best type twos to use to pollinate the Pawnees? Thanks Lonnie Crowder


Freestone County TX almost 5 years ago

hog pecan trees

Near my Pecan orchard are native trees that I have heard called hog pecans , they are extremely large trees that produce a tiny pecans that have no core. They do this every year,and there are lots of these type trees, I read somewhere that these trees are a cross between a pecan tree and a walnut tree. I also have wild walnut trees in the woods around them. Thanks Lonnie


Freestone County TX almost 5 years ago

tree farming

I would like to start a Christmas tree farm,and would like to know what evergreen tree would be good for my area ,being the heart of texas.


Freestone County TX over 4 years ago

No life visible in pond

My mothers has a 2 1/2 acre pond that was stocked several years ago with bass catfish and brim. No one has lived there for several years and she has caught a lot of people fishing without permission. I went out on the pond last weekend and the water is so clear you can see the bottom all over the pond even at 10-15' depths, I went all over the pond and there is not even a minnow in it. There are these Blue colored things scattered out on the bottom all over the pond that average about 1 to 1 1/2" Diameter and 2-3" long. I tried to scoop one up with a fish net but they just fall apart and has a yellowish colored substance that comes out. Did someone put something in the pond to kill algae that killed all the fish? Any ideas what this might be?


Freestone County TX over 6 years ago

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