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Growing everywhere

What is the weed in the attached picture and how does one go about eliminating it? It has little orange flowers (when it blooms) and little flat stickers.



Franklin County Texas about 4 years ago

Brown spikes on weeping willow

What are these spikes and can they be fixed? I had a reply from Randy Reeves And I am sending a photo of the spikes. Thanks for any help. You can give me. Ken Harrison



Franklin County Texas over 3 years ago

Zoysia Grass

Can you recommend any certain variety of zoysia grass for a lake lot in NE Tx with very sandy soil and dense shade?


Franklin County Texas about 6 years ago

best grass selection for NE Tx.

I have a lake place in Franklin Cty. (NE Tx. Piney Woods area) that has very sandy soil and lot of trees. I am trying to find the best grass for my circumstances: It needs to be extremely shade tolerant, heat & disease tolerant, I do have a sprinkler system. will be mowed 2 x month. Cold tolerant to @ 10 degrees.


Franklin County Texas over 5 years ago

Stinging caterpillars

What can I use to kill and get rid of these terrible little deamons? I don't care if it's toxic I just want them gone! Thanks


Franklin County Texas over 2 years ago

Release Types

What fertilizer releases when watered only.? Ammonium Nitrate or Sulphate?
I want to know as to what kind I should use to give the yard a jump start.
I have had a irrigation system installed so water will be no problem.
Louis Bond


Franklin County Texas almost 7 years ago

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