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Yellow/brown boxwood leafs

2 out of my 6 boxwood bushes leafs are turning yellow/brown... what could be the cause of this?


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Elmore County Alabama about 1 year ago

Grafts die after they start to grow

Bark grafts that I have done start growing then after a few days they die. I have also had some banana grafts to do the same thing. Do grafting tools need to be sterilized? Thanks for any advice.


Elmore County Alabama 11 months ago

pesticide drift

Each year (June to early July) a plane sprays a nearby field. My field lies north of the field so when the spraying is done on a day with a southerly wind, my pasture, blueberries, beans, and tomatoes take a big hit.
I have reported this to State Ag; they send a person up, look at the damage and nothing is ever done to notify the farmer/sprayer of the problem. Last year no less than five people showed up, looked, and took samples. This included a person from the pesticide division of Ag. Never heard from them again

Seems like I have done all that I can do; any help here, any suggestions?


Elmore County Alabama about 1 year ago

What is this?

What kind of shrub or bush is this. It's beautiful.



Elmore County Alabama over 4 years ago

Plum tree dying

Our mature plum tree has holes boared in it by some kind of insect and sap is coming out and the tree is starting to die. 3 years ago it produced the sweetest fruit. Last year nothing. This year we planted a small plum tree near it and got a very small amount of fruit from it. Now it's dying. Should we spray Sylo insecticide? Help ASAP please. Thank you! Elizabeth Tripp


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Elmore County Alabama 9 months ago

Pollinator Garden Webcast (1077) followup question

We are planning our pollinator garden - it is small space so is it better to have a wide variety of plants to support a wider pollinator selection or better to concentrate on a species provider plant system to support 1 or 2 pollinator species throughout its life cycle? These are children working to design the area and will also maintain it.


Elmore County Alabama almost 8 years ago

Berries on a vine

These berries are growing on vines behind my house. They are small like a blueberry.


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Elmore County Alabama over 4 years ago

An obnoxious weed

Please tell me what the weed is. It has nasty thorns, shiny and elongated heart-shaped leaves and will.twine around and strangle any nearby plant.


Elmore County Alabama almost 5 years ago

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