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Yellow/brown boxwood leafs

2 out of my 6 boxwood bushes leafs are turning yellow/brown... what could be the cause of this?


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Elmore County Alabama trees and shrubs 14 days ago

pesticide drift

Each year (June to early July) a plane sprays a nearby field. My field lies north of the field so when the spraying is done on a day with a southerly wind, my pasture, blueberries, beans, and tomatoes take a big hit.
I have reported this to State Ag; they send a person up, look at the damage and nothing is ever done to notify the farmer/sprayer of the problem. Last year no less than five people showed up, looked, and took samples. This included a person from the pesticide division of Ag. Never heard from them again

Seems like I have done all that I can do; any help here, any suggestions?


Elmore County Alabama about 1 month ago

What is this?

What kind of shrub or bush is this. It's beautiful.



Elmore County Alabama trees and shrubs over 3 years ago

Pollinator Garden Webcast (1077) followup question

We are planning our pollinator garden - it is small space so is it better to have a wide variety of plants to support a wider pollinator selection or better to concentrate on a species provider plant system to support 1 or 2 pollinator species throughout its life cycle? These are children working to design the area and will also maintain it.


Elmore County Alabama almost 7 years ago

Berries on a vine

These berries are growing on vines behind my house. They are small like a blueberry.


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Elmore County Alabama over 3 years ago

An obnoxious weed

Please tell me what the weed is. It has nasty thorns, shiny and elongated heart-shaped leaves and will.twine around and strangle any nearby plant.


Elmore County Alabama over 3 years ago

Kune kune seizures

I am having the same problem the other 2 ladies have had.Wish I knew their answers if they ever received any.I have a litter of 2 1/2 month old full blooded kune kune.I have seen 2 of them have mini seizures where they are on their side peddling , it last probably not even a minute.When I saw this happen,don't know if it was coincidence but they were eating. Does anyone know if this is hereditary or disease caused.Their feed is a local feed pellet and none of my cross breeds have ever done this


Elmore County Alabama dog health veterinary question about 2 years ago

Hello- do U have to have more than one black walnut tree to produce nuts? Thanks

Hello- do U have to have more than one black walnut tree to produce nuts? Thanks


Elmore County Alabama trees and shrubs black walnut tree almost 5 years ago

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