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Planting Deep-rooted Daikon Radish seed in TX?

Any experiments on planting this seed in TX. I am in Fayette county. Looking for any information. I plan to seed on 5 acres to improve my soil. This is only for soil improvement & capture some minerals from the deep tap root. Then let the radish decompose & get some bacteria growing.


Fayette County TX about 8 years ago

Loans or Grants

I'd like to know if there are any loans or grants available for building ponds are drilling Wells on rural property? Thanks


Fayette County TX over 4 years ago

Yellowing leaves on Live Oaks

I planted Live Oaks in 2002 down my drive out in the country. Some struggled and I lost a few. Most have grown well but a number of them that grew well are now turning yellow like they are chlorotic. I did irrigate them and many are well over 12 inches in diameter. My soil is alkaline 7.8 t0 7.9. I have tried soil acidifier with little success. I am now adding organic material around the trees hoping eventually that will help. They have all had mulch around them and I have always kept the grass back to the drip line. Any suggestions? I planted over 80 trees and many look fine. Some have grown so large and are now turning yellow. I hate to lose them as they are over 15 years old.


Fayette County TX over 2 years ago


Wha is the average dates spanning bloom time of bluebonnets in Fayette County, Texas


Fayette County TX about 7 years ago

Found devil cigar mushroom

Today we were in our backyard in Fayette County and came across a Devils Cigar Mushroom. According to the computer research I did, this is a very rare mushroom. Is there anything I should do to help it survive the winter?


Fayette County TX about 5 years ago

brown spots in lawn came recently

My yard has developed brown spots in the last three months - how to treat it?


Fayette County TX about 5 years ago

Kleingrass Yield and Costs

On a per acre basis, what are the costs that would be associated with planting Kleingrass for hay production and approximately how many bales per acre could I expect to produce per year? How many cuttings should I expect assuming rain fall is average for the southeast Fayette county area.

Thank you very much!


Fayette County TX almost 8 years ago

Tall weed with yellow flowers

Does anyone know what kind of weed this is? We have never had this weed, and seem like they are popping up everywhere this year.


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Fayette County TX almost 3 years ago

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