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Permethrin on Small/Cherry Tomatoes

Why is it not appropriate to use permethrin on cherry tomatoes or those less than one inch diameter? Can find multiple references to that restriction but no explanation as to why.


Fannin County Texas about 5 years ago

Banana tree

My banana tree leaves have a rust colored covering on them. I used a fungicide spray to no avail. They are receiving plenty of water and are about 5 years old.
My only thought is that maybe from a termite treatment into the soil may have something to do with this. The elephant ear plant near them is also suffering from something, no rust to the leaves. I have another plant in a different area and so far no problem on it's leaves. Any help in this matter I would appreciate. Thanks.


Fannin County Texas over 7 years ago


Need information on caring for a PURPLE FLASH ORNAMENTAL PEPPER plant. Is this a etable? Does need some shade or full sunlight?


Fannin County Texas over 7 years ago

What is this

What is this plant it grows all over my yard


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Fannin County Texas almost 5 years ago

recently acquired poulets

Hello, I bought 3 young chickens from Brazon Farms (middle TX) one was discovered flailing and unable to support her body to walk falling over. I helped her to the food and water and she did eat, I then quarantined her with access to food and water. Have you encountered this and what should I do, is it a disease? I am concerned re my other chickens and the 2 other new ones.
I have tried to get a response from Brazon Farms to no avail.


Fannin County Texas almost 2 years ago

Cottonwoods around pond

Our 4 acre pond in Fannin Co is now reduced to about 1 acre in the span of 4 years. I understand the impact of drought, but also think the abundance of cottonwoods surrounding the pond has had a significant impact on the water level. Should the cottonwoods be removed? If so, what is the least environmentally offensive way to do this


Fannin County Texas about 6 years ago

Leaves of young Red Oak tree leaves being eaten

Help, I planted 12 Red Oak trees last fall. I need to know what I should do to prevent this. I know it must be sprayed, but what do I use? I can't find any worms of bugs on the trees. These are young trees, only about seven feet tall.


Fannin County Texas over 6 years ago

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