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Tree sudden death

We have 10 acres in Falls county. It is heavily wooded with red &white oak, ash, elm, cedar & other types of trees and native bushes. Beginning last year, some of the black jack oak began dropping large branches even tho they had green leaves. Inside, one branch was bug infested. The oaks are 60 ft tall or larger.

This year, many of the cedar of varying ages and sizes are dead or dying. These trees were green and seemed healthy just a few months ago. This is not the gradual death we have seen as a result of the recent draught. Can we find out what the problem(s) are and what if anything can be done to stop more trees from dying?
Thank you for your help.


Falls County Texas about 4 years ago

where to buy recommended varieties

I'm in Falls County, Texas. Where can I buy some of the recommended tomato varieties that you have listed on your website for our area? We can always get Better Boy, Celebrity and Carnival here but I would like to purchase some of the Ultra Sweet, Porter Improved and Mountain Spring tomatoes. Thanks for your help.


Falls County Texas about 5 years ago

Rooted grape vine cutting without upper bud.

I have rooted a grape vine cutting. The roots developed at internode and node points. The upper bud is dessicated. How will the cutting develop a bud to produce a stem?


Falls County Texas over 5 years ago

Hazelnuts in Texas

I've noticed that a lot of Hazelnuts are grown in Oregon. Is there any reason that Hazelnuts can't be grown in Texas? In particular the Falls county area. I researched this and can't find much documentation on this.


Falls County Texas almost 7 years ago

Landscaping with native, drought tolerant, and low maintenance plants for my area.

We have purchased a home in the Lott, TX area. We would like to plant vegetation that is native to the area, drought tolerant, and possibly low maintenance. What came with the house are pecan trees, crepe myrtle trees/bushes, some peach trees, nopal cactus, dewberry plants, daffodil and other bulbs that bloom in the spring/winter, different types of grasses covering the yard, and several unknown plants that are invasive. We have trimmed back a lot but not have gotten rid of anything yet. We need plants/native plants that are kid/pet friendly. We go green whenever possible. We have done basic yard maintenance of mowing, trimming, and fertilizing. Are there resources locally available for pick up, or that can be mailed to us, that would assist us in choosing the right plants for our yard and this area? Thank you.


Falls County Texas almost 6 years ago

Chill hours for peaches, plums and pears grown in Rosebud, Texas

Please tell me what the chill hours are for Rosebud, Texas 76570. Also, which peach, plum and pear varieties will do well in this area. I have determined that "Lovell" or "Halford" root stock will be best for the alkaline clay soils in this area. Will addition of iron and zinc help the peaches and plums grow better? What is a general application rate?.
What is a good fertilizer for old growth pecan trees to be applied to alkaline clay soil?


Falls County Texas almost 7 years ago

herbs grown commercially

What type of herbs are grown or have potential to be grown commercially in falls county Texas?


Falls County Texas over 4 years ago

rose bushes canes turn black,dry,one by one

4 rose bushes out of 12, all treated equally(water, location,still in the nursery pots and soil , fertilizer and

Bayer 3in1 rose treatment systemic every month) developed-after growing healthy for 6 weeks- a black

and dry discoloration at the base of a cane that spread upwards with leaves drying out, then one cane at the time did the same thing with the plant dying in about 2-3 weeks. The roots look OK, no visible bugs, ants or stem injuries or cankers. Roots not water logged, moldy or decomposing. The other 8 roses still look fine, also from the same nursery. These bushes were scheduled for planting in a new rose garden this fall, after proper dirt preparation(still in progress). Will it be safe to go ahead with the plan or will I contaminate the new planting site with something bad ? No herbicide sprayed in the vicinity. In central Texas 10+sun hrs/day. roses bought in late March, problem started in June, one plant at the time. Never dry. One is Sonbreuil, 2 Pinkie Climbers ,1 bush Grandma yellow

All help appreciated. Thanks


Falls County Texas almost 6 years ago

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